What colour is octarine?
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Pratchett fans: I need to knit something for a Discworld fan. I thought it might be fun to do an octagonal washcloth out of octarine cotton. The only problem, as I understand it, is that octarine is only visible to wizards and cats. So how would I, a mere human mortal, best approximate this colour? OR - can you think of anything else suitably Discworld-ish?

According to Wikipedia, octarine is a "greenish-yellow purple." So I'm thinking of using one strand in lime and one in purple, with maybe a silver thread as well (for magical shininess). Or is there a better description elsewhere in the books?

I'm open to other Discworld ideas as well. The only problem is that the recipient is a knitter as well, so I figure she's probably seen the more popular existing patterns (like the Death of Rats. So I'm really looking for something simple but clever (and useful too, if possible, which is why I hit upon a washcloth).
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The only description I've ever seen is as you say, or in longer form, "a greeny kind of yellowy-purple." Good luck with that colour, I must say.

How about a Thud board?
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Well. If it is only visible to wizards and cats, you can make it any colour you want and just tell them it's Octarine.

Then either purr or wave your pointy hat knowingly...
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A pointy red hat with "WIZARD" spelled out in cowry shells? A tiny Nac Mac Feegle kilt?
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That's "Wizzard", hjo3.

It could be worse, you could have to try to knit something coloured infra-black.
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I think you should knit the hogfather. or death dressed as him on a sled :-)
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Hmm, the Thud board has definite potention. Simple to knit but definitely original. I like it!
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If you can pull out knitting an orangutan (like the Librarian of the series) accompanied with a nice "Ook!", it'll be be an insta-hit with your Discworld fan.
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OOOOHHHH - I could easily make a sock orangutan, and then little the little "Ook!". BRILLIANT. Quick to whip up, and very very appropriate.

(For anybody who's interested, I wrote a tutorial for making sock monkeys on my website.)
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"and then KNIT the little "Ook!"" that should say.
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What about glow-in-the-dark or fluorescent? You can buy fluorescent dye so even if you can't find glowing wool, you should be able to dye some.
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The Luggage.
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Glow in the dark octarine is an excellent idea.
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UU has a scarf, described in Brigg's "Discworld Companion," which I have managed to misplace so I can't quote exactly. Since one can't create a scarf of octarine, instead the enterprising knitters of Ankh-Morpork created a scarf with parallel stripes of yellow, white, green and purple, which was as close as they could get to octarine -- and has the added bonus of inciting headaches amongst non-wizards.
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I always envisages octarine as kind-of oilslick colour to non-wizards and non-cats - I've got a pair of jeans and a dress shirt that's kinda that colour (dark greeney-purplish grey).

100-little tiny booties (and give them to your discworld fan inside of a bound wooden box)?
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I always figured it as looking like this color:

Anyway, try getting three thin colors of green/purple/whatever and try knitting them altogether in a blend?
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A friend of mine felted a Feegle. I lust after it.

Knitted monstrosities onna stick would work, too.
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The Librarian is finished! He turned out great. Thanks to ersatz for the idea.

I also made an octagonal washcloth using green and purple cotton. The recipient should be getting this stuff today, so I hope she likes it!
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You're welcome.
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I heart your Librarian, web-goddess!
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