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Help me find this crazy (or what I remembered as crazy) 4x4 off-road video that looked like at least one or two people would die...

But didn't.

I remember a couple of things of this video, but unfortunately not the location. I am pretty sure it was an old Bronco (the removal roof type), and I believe a woman was driving (it was not hers as I recall).

She was taking it down a 30 - 40 foot fairly steep and very bumpy hill. She lost control very quickly, but the vehicle never rolled. It actually bounced down the entire way tittering on the very brink of certain disaster which never happened.

I remember watching it and being absolutely positive they were going to die. I saw it once a long time ago, and haven't seen it since. Does anyone know the video I am talking about?
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Oh god yes...I was actually thinking of posting this very same question a few weeks ago, because this video popped back into my head for some odd reason, but I couldn't find it online anywhere.

If it's the same video you're thinking of, they were on some kind of steep rock formation, and the 4x4 in question was at the head of a line of at least one or two other 4x4's behind her. The video was being shot from the ground level, looking up at the vehicles inching down this ridiculously steep, narrow hill.

It's one of the freakiest videos I've ever seen. Like you, I can't believe that nobody died from that accident.
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Oh, and I believe the vehicle did roll, but only at the point where it slipped off the side of the narrow hill, and tumbled over onto the ground.
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Best answer: It happened on Lion's Back.
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Best answer: I think I found it.
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So much for remembering the details :)
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looks like it could have been fatal! looks like others have done it tho
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Best answer: From Wikipedia: The hill is known for the crash in which a Chevy K-10 Blazer 4X4 lost its brakes and rolled down the hill, plunging 30 feet to the ground. Two people were injured in the crash, a broken arm and a broken leg. The accident was caught on home video and has been featured on TV shows including Real TV, and Maximum Exposure.
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Response by poster: AWESOME! You've found it! Thanks everyone for your help finding the video!!!!
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