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Our team needs a better scheduling/calendar application. (I've created a mockup (see inside) of one desired outcome.) Its a small team (under 10ppl) but we work 24/7 and would like the schedule to be easy to update/modify. There must be some kind of Web2.0/Ajax-ified hotness for this out there somewhere, I'm just not finding it.

My team has about 7 members.. and we work on a 24hour clock. Typical shifts are : midnight to 8am.... 8am to 4pm... 4pm to midnight. However adjustments are made on the fly, and we have a variety of meetings/events,etc.

Right now our boss posts the schedule in a spreadsheet/table type of format that is not very easy to read and horrible if you want to cross-reference your shift against other shifts/events.

I'm looking for any suggestions of great scheduling/calendar software we might upgrade to. Online is fine, .. an open-source, in-house application would be better. Below is one mockup idea I came up with (pardon my photoshop skillz)

I've done a little initial searching.. and I am finding a slew of online calendaring app's.. but rather than slogging through 25 to 30 websites .. I'd rather know what Mefi'tes think is the best... :P
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Google calendar will do something like this, only vertically.

Free, online, AJAX-y. Not FOSS though.
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Response by poster: Thanks Unixrat,

I've looked at Google calender, but (unless this has changed).. you cant have different colored events in Gcal... I know my boss has a generic Google logon.. (cause i've seen him in there working on it).. but no one has made any mention of transitioning to it.

vertical or horizontal makes no difference.. although I personally think horizontal is more "intuitive". ;P
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Seconding google calendar. You'd need to play around with it to see what I mean, but you can get different colored events by making multiple calendars. Think of them like layers in photoshop. You can have a jesus-robot calendar, a john calendar, etc., with every individual's schedule, then a "tasks" calendar, or whatever you'd envisioned that lower portion to represent. Then, to see everything, you just view all the calendars simultaneously.
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Thanks for the 2nd opinion.. I'm playing with it at this very moment...

The problem I'm seeing is this.. I'd have to create 7-ish calendars (one for each team member's schedule).. and then I'd have to make all 7 of those calendars "public"....

Could each individual team member click a bookmark link and see ONE page with all 7 public calendars showing (layered) ??
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You don't have to make them public. Keep them private, but all your members have to invite all the other members to view their own calendar and vice versa. It's a pain, but it works once it is all set up. You are looking for the little drop-down that says "Share this calendar" on the sidebar.
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"but all your members have to invite all the other members to view their own calendar and vice versa."

Which means they all have to have Gmail ?... 'cause I doubt they all do.
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Well, they just have to get google accounts to do this; those are free and no longer require invites. Not a big limitation.
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Yes, they all have to get a gmail account. But probably jesusrobot is probably already taken. :)

If not I want it! :)
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You don't need a GMail account, but you will need a Google account. There is a link to make one right on the calendar login page.
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I have two separate colored calendars under my one Google login. Wait, no, three. I have one for my work hours, one for my personal schedule, and one for my fiance's schedule.

SO SO SO easy to use. Seriously.
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You don't need a gmail account if you go the Google Apps route, you can use your own domain name.
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