Java maker unneeded?
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Tassimo coffee maker: do I need it or can I save myself a hundred bucks and just dump the coffee pod contents into some hot water for the same effect?
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Best answer: Probably not.
From what I understand,
a) the Tassimo uses pressure to brew, which would make it impossible to just pour the pod contents into a mug of hot water.
b) it uses a proprietary barcode system to determine brew length and temperature, something you would need to know to DIY it.
c) It's not just instant coffee in there. It's real coffee grounds. So basically, you might as well just pour (much cheaper) coffee grounds in hot water to the same effect.
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Best answer: No.

It actually brews the coffee inside the disc through pressurizing hot water through the t-disc, then the coffee filters through the disc into your mug.

On a side note, had one for a year, and its great.
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I think you want a french press if this is a preferred brewing method. There's other options, like a vacuum press or Chemex.
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Coffee pods are the devils handiwork.
Just like $200 toasters.
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seriously, get a french press and grind your own coffee, you wont get better coffee. Remember to make course grounds for french roast coffee.

to take your coffee to the absolute best, roast your own beans. Yum
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Best answer: I have tried Tassimo and other pod coffees, and they do generally result in a quality product, but I don't think the quality justifies the original and ongoing costs associated with the machine and the pods. I find the coffee made in my geeky little
to be much better than drip, more convenient than french press, and just about as good as the fancy pods.
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Seconding the aeropress. Like, a lot.
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Thirding the Aeropress (is there an echo in here?). Every time I think about getting something shinier and more sexy to make coffee with, I stop and remember just how simple this thing is and how I can have whatever coffee I want from the thing in the time it takes to heat up the water kettle. Damn, it is idiot-proof, even for me.
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Get an Aeropress, indeed. I make coffee for the whole office now, and our pot goes unused.
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Bitter dour naysayer here but I loathe aeropress coffee. But yeah, get yourself a real coffee solution. A blade grinder is cheap. Most coffee makers are pretty damn cheap too.

If you like drip coffe, make sure you get unbleached filters, if you like french press coffee don't let the coffee sit in the beaker too long. That's really all you need to know.
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I have a FrancisFrancis espresso machine, which can use pods but also uses grounds if you want. I was surprised by the relatively high quality of the pod coffee and bought it for a while.

But it is just crazy to spend that much on pods when you can make better, and fresher coffee with grounds. I have a cheapo burr grinder now and grind my beans before making the coffee. The whole process takes about five minutes.

As you've seen from the other responses, you have a bunch of options for drip-type coffee. I'd start with a filter/filter holder combination for about $5 (this works better than a drip machine because water right off the boil is ideal), or if you prefer, you could try the fuller flavor of a French press for probably less than $10.
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Nthing the Aeropress. I snagged one from ThinkGeek for my long Iraq tour. Extremely convenient, makes surprisingly good coffee (at least out here in the desert), and it is wickedly entertaining to watch the coffee pour into a clear cup.
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Aeropress. Love it.

Alternatively, a Swissgold single cup filter.

But I will say again - Aeropress.
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