Is Resfest coming back?
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Is Resfest coming back?? If not, what else is most like it (that has dates in NYC)?

It used to be one of the highlights of every fall for me. Then last fall I kept waiting for to announce the dates for my city and they never did. Now I look at the site and it still says 2006.

The parent site also seems to be stuck in 2006 with a "watch this space in 2007" message, and that site used to be updated all the time. I've emailed the contact address given, with no response. I'm not finding any definitive reports by googling, which seems weirdest of all because I can't possibly be the only one wondering this.

There must be news somewhere I haven't found, right? Resfest seemed so well-established and, you know, media-savvy, it seems so weird for there to be no sign of what's up.
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my friend actually had a piece in one of the early resfests and not even he knows what's going on.

says wikipedia: "The October 2006 issue of Res was the last issue to be printed as of now. A new hybrid magazine format would be launched by RES in 2007 which will be published on several media."

that, obviously, didn't happen.

I don't know if there is a future for resfest. there are so many festivals out there (DFilm...) that cater to motion graphics and all that and most of the time you go there and you've already seen it all on the web.

it's the same thing with award show annuals, the main reason for buying them has evaporated with the proliferation of broadband. while resfest is supposed to (have) come back, I fear it may go the way of the internet cafe.
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according to this post

the magazine turned into and the fest is now
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