Nutrition Tracking Software.
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I need software that will track my nutritional intake. It would track calories, carbs, protean, fats and keep them in a date base for reference. It should have a good sized date base of foods already in it and be able to have new ones added. This is for a pre-intel Mac preferably, or online if need by. Free or cheap would make me happy.

I am trying to tighten up my exercise and nutritional regimen and should probably make sure I am not getting too much fat or carbs.

What do you fitness buff mefis use for such a purpose?
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I've used Calorie King before with good effect.

It's Java, so it feels a bit clunky, like LimeWire, but it works well.
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My boss likes this one:
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I've been using Nutrition Data to do this for a little while now. To get a daily total from the pantry you sort of have to game it by making a "recipe" that has everything you ate that day in it, but apart from that it works great.
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I've used Calorie King, too, and like it fine; there are also a lot of online options. My favourite online trackers are Fitday (pretty no frills) and SparkPeople (which has a solid community attached).
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FitDay. The online account is free, and the PC download is only $30. It tracks nutrition + exercise.
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D'oh. Synedoche beat me to it. Oh well. :)
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Seconding FitDay. Some of my coworkers swear by it. The online version is free. I've tried it, and it seems like the food list is pretty thorough, and you can add your own. It also tracks your activities so you know how many calories you're burning. I only quit using it because I decided I didn't want to track my whole life in that kind of detail.
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Response by poster: I was using FitDay earlier this evening but stopped when avacado wasn't on their list... however, going back their again after your recommendations I was able to find avocado on their list...

I can't stress it enough. Spelling is an important skill to have. I would have been pleased as a clam if the first food I went to look up was on there and not bothered you all with this question. But nope.

Feel free to use this folly as a cautionary tale to your children so they may avoid my waste-a-askmetafilter-question fate.

I will try that with spellcheck and also give Nutrition Data a whirl.
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Yup, FitDay.
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I've used FitDay and, believe it or not, the government actually has a decent tool at which is pretty handy if you're also into the Pyramid Guide.
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I prefer The Daily Plate to FitDay. Though it certainly has its limitations, finding common foods is exceptionally easy because the database is created by users.

Whatever you use, good luck! At one point Spark People had a large, active community of MeFites. Not sure about these days. I find their website immensely difficult to use.
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I like Sparkpeople.
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Response by poster: I found the Daily Plate to be really clunky. It too me forever to enter in a days worth of food. So exhausted was I that I had to snack on a bag of potatoe chips and ruin the whole thing! But, perhaps like other clunky but useful websites it has a hidden charm.

Sparkpeople sounds really upbeat. MeFites AND the word spark.
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Fourthing FitDay, it's the bees knees!
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Best answer: Big fan of Cron-o-Meter, it's cross-platform and free, with a good database and a lot fo flexibility in targets.
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Add another vote for Spark People.
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Response by poster: I think FitDay has it. After getting the hang of it it only took me five minutes to enter in a days worth of food.

It also rewarded me by telling me I could still eat 700 calories! YIPPY!

Spark People didn't appeal to me too much.

Cron-o-meter will be this evenings experiment.

Thank you all for your responses.
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Response by poster: cron o meter is slick. It is one awesome piece of software. Thank you Methy for recommending it.

For those of you using FitDay, if you only use FitDay at home and don't need mobility cron o meter is awesome. You all should check it out.

again, thank you^3
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