Google Desktop Search wont let me log in to my gmail account.
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Google Desktop Search won't Login to Gmail when I give it the correct account details. The same credentials work in Gmail and across the Google system, but not in GDS. What is going on?

Every time I Click a page on the local GDS server, it tells me that there is a problem that GDS needs my help to fix. When I click the link it prompts me to give my credentials again.

I've tried to reinstall with a few different versions and all are showing the same problem.

I've also changed my password on the account and tried the new password, didn't work.

I've also tried a bunch of permutations of the login with capitalization and including "" after the username, to no avail.

I had this same problem the last time I installed GDS about 6 months ago, but I forget how I fixed it then. A few hours searching Google and groups has yielded nothing, so I'm thinking this is a problem that is a result of something stupid on my part.

OS: XP sp3
Comcast cable internet, no router
Norton internet security 2007 (I tried turning this off, but it didn't help)
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When you uninstalled GDS, did you remove ALL traces of it from your system? I think the default is to not delete the index of your files. Perhaps the key is to uninstall, nuke every reference to GDS (program files, cache, registry keys, application data stuff), and then do a totally clean install?
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