Spanish-language audio materials for Chinese speakers?
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What Spanish-language audio materials are out there on the Internet - aimed not at English-speaking, but at Chinese students of Spanish with little English?

A non-techie Chinese friend of mine is trying to improve her Spanish listening skills by finding materials that feature a range of different Spanish accents. She would appreciate words of wisdom from someone capable of searching the web in Mandarin for said materials.
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I would suggest that she do her web searches in Spanish, specifically searching for beginner listening materials using the Spanish phrase for that. As someone who learned Mandarin from someone who spoke no essentially no English at all but had been teaching various foreigners Mandarin (Russians, Vietnamese, Thai) since the 60's I can tell you the language of the learner isnt as important as the quality of the materials.

Long story short, look for language blind Spanish training, there is sure to be much more of that then there will be Spanish lessons aimed at Mandarin speakers.
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