The Mexican Bachelor
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I am planning a bachelor party in January. The groom-to-be would like to go to Mexico to chill out, drink some beers, smoke some ganja, sit by the pool, eat some good Mexican food served by hot women, and sleep in a very nice bed. Where can this be done in Mexico? I guess I am looking for an all-inclusive resort that is laid back, lacking kids ( both little and college ), which has reasonable nightlife in the vicinity. Think Spring Break for well-heeled 30 year olds who have seen enough strippers and tequilla for a lifetime
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Sounds more costa rica ish then it does mexico... Costa rica is famous for this :)
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There's lots of areas like this off the beaten track in Yucatan.

I'd fly into Cancun but get the F out right away. Spend a few days on the beach in Isla Mujeres, a 35 minute ferry ride away, or better yet take a $3 colectivo down the coast an hour to Tulum Playa. Get off, grab a taxi or hitch out to the beach road, and stay at one of the fancier places down there. Most of the "hotels" in this strip are simply thatch-roofed huts, but places like Zama and Ana y Jose have GREAT restaurants and very nice apartments on the beach with super comfy beds, pretty local girls bringing you cocktails and in the case of Ana y Jose, a very nice pool right off the beach.

I've been in the area three or four times and have never seen many children.

The snorkeling is fantastic inland - the freshwater cenotes (caves) have some of the prettiest diving I've ever done, and the entire area is nature preserve. Gorgeous. Great cheap food too, and far nicer and quieter and more fun than the drunken revelry of Cancun.
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all inclusive, Try Azul from karisma. I'd give you a link but the damn browser keeps crashing. My brother got married there and it was very nice.
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Thirding the Tulum area. Since the hurricane damage of a couple years ago, a lot of the former thatched roof rustic places have been replaced with higher end options.
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Close to luriete's suggestion, look at the Cays off the Belize coast. English speaking, very laid back, you can get a boat and snorkel or scuba all day and eat conch and lobster and stuff at night.
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Seconding Isla Mujeres, although the last time I visited there was years ago. We stayed in Hotel Posada Del Mar.
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Be really careful about smoking ganga in foreign countries where it's not legal to do so. Even if you don't wind up contending with the nightmare of Mexican prisons, some countries consider drug use a "crime of moral turpitude," which can limit your future travel options.
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I'd avoid the all-inclusive places...sometimes they're nice, but when they're crappy, they already have your money.
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The Washington Post travel section just did a comparison of 5-6 all inclusive places in the Sunday travel section, two weeks ago this coming Sun I think.
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