Getting away with my lady for the Yule.
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My partner and I would like to go away over Christmas week. Is this a lost cause at this point? How about LGBT-friendly bed and breakfasts driving-distance from DC?

She's in law school; I recently started a new job. Our vacation time is limited, but I will have some over Christmas (22-29). We'd like to go away for at least part of that week, most likely locally, as flights will most likely be out of our price range.

We've both never stayed in bed & breakfasts, but know that it'd be nice to go to a gay-friendly site if we were going to be cute and cuddly in front of a fireplace.

We live just outside of DC and have heard a few recommendations and I've read those on MeFi, but we are interested in others' experiences with b&bs in the area, or any other ideas for a quick, fun getaway that won't be a dead end in a holiday week, either with unavailability or otherwise.
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Some years ago, when I lived in DC, I went several times to the Guest House in Lost River. It is/used to be run by a couple of gay guys; it's got at least one fireplace in the main room; the guys are really nice; there's an outdoor heated jacuzzi; there isn't anything to do except take walks and be romantic and relaxed. It was wonderful.
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Yeah, seriously, find an LGBT friendly/owned place. I have some LGBT travel links and I'll see if there are any recommendations there. But from absolutely first-hand experience, a B&B is a place you really want it to be not just "tolerant" but like really really ok or encouraged. From several weird experiences, I'd much prefer staying in a small lodge or even a small motel with my girlfriend b/c it's just too weird having the old guy ask us "one more time if we wouldn't prefer two rooms" or the nice lady at the desk "saying it's so nice that "your boyfriends let you have a girls' weekend away." Yeah, sure, you can explain/ignore/not talk/ whatever, but the morning breakfasts, fireplace gatherings, and general tone of the place REALLY matters. Sorry no specifics at the moment -- will look when I get home.
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Purple Roofs at least has a few places to start from.
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I've heard good things about the Blowing Rock in NC. Gorgeous area, lots of hiking. Is a 7 hour drive too long? Do you want mountains or coast or city?
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Here's a lesbian-owned B&B in Williamsburg, VA. Looks small but maybe ok?
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Gay-owned B&B in Western Virginia (2 hours away from DC I think).
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Response by poster: Thanks so much so far! All these suggestions look great.

And barnone, that's exactly it. We're kind of introverted people to begin with, and it'd be awful to go to some place we couldn't relax.

NC is not out of the question. I always prefer coast, but admittedly I have never spent much time in or near the mountains, so I am intrigued by that.
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I imagine there are a lot of places in Rehoboth, and since it's primarily a summer destination it's not likely to be crowded. On the downside, it may be freezing.
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You might consider the Alexander Inn in Philadelphia. It's not a B&B, but it's a very nice small hotel, and it's smack dab in the middle of Center City, aka the Gayborhood.
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If the seven hour drive isn't too long, then you could always look into the Northampton, MA region. Doesn't get much more LGBT-friendly then there. And the Berkshires are just a skip away.
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Yeah -- what's the driving limit for you?

Here's something for further research: LamdaResorts with their listings in VA. Lots of other search options there -- there doesn't seem to be links to the actual hotels/properties, but you could just to a websearch for them (now that they're somewhat vetted as LGBT friendly).

I'd actually ask, too: "we're a lesbian couple looking for a relaxing trip -- do you think your hotel/B&B is the right place for us?" It's so weird, I know, but it's actually saved me from a few places. Especially those that are "gay friendly." If I've asked that question, and someone responds, " it shouldn't be a problem... we do have families here..." it's really not going to be pleasant for you and your partner. Or even, "we don't ask people about their relationship when they check in." That's really beside the point! A better answer is something like, "Oh absolutely, we have lots of gay + lesbian clients who come back each year!" Or something. A somewhat awkward question on the phone can seriously save you a few days of WEIRDNESS! Can you tell I'm a little scarred from some of those trips? Supposed to be nice, relaxing get-aways and you have middle America at the breakfast table asking you about your husband. EEEEk. I don't mean to scare you, really I don't. Just do a little research (like you are here), call them up, and have a great time.

Fireplace-away! And post what you find or where you end up! I'm in NC and always looking for places for us to go.
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This place is in the Catskills (5 hours?) and is pretty cute. Gay-owned.

Is 7-8 hours too long? I'd seriously suggest Asheville, NC. It's a great town -- lots of fantastic restaurants, live music, bars, candle tours of the Biltmore, lots of great hiking/biking/walking, cool waterfalls, some hot springs not that far away, fun shopping, wineries, arts, etc. There are lots of cute little hotels there, and one lesbian B&B which looks SUPER cute for Christmas week. It's called the Mountain Laurel B&B and really talks about being lesbian friendly. Don't worry, I'm sure you won't have to put on rainbow stuff and join HRC -- they look pretty cool. If you go to Asheville, let me know!

I sound like a freak here, so I'm going to take this to email now :-)
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