Please tell me about your employee referral program (if you have one).
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Please tell me about your employee referral program (if you have one).

Hi - I have been tasked with putting together an employee referral program for a 3 billion dollar global food ingredient company. (MMMMM corn syrup.)
I'd like to get a sense of what is in place at your organization to reward employees for referring candidates who are hired.

Any details you can share would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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My current employer (~50 million/yr tech company) pays a $2500 bounty if you bring someone in and you're both working there in, IIRC, six months.
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We're about 250 people and I think we get $1000 for each referral (if you're both working there in 3 months). We also do a yearly drawing/bonus - the person with the most number of referrals gets an extra grand, I think. Last year there was some sort of raffle for everyone that brought in a referral and the prize was an HDTV.
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My small tech employer pays different bonuses depending on how hard the position is to fill and whether it's full or part time, but they range from 1-5k, I think. The last place I worked for, a medium to smallish publicly traded tech company, entered you in a raffle for plane ticket vouchers (that place had good benefits in general, but that is a seriously lame referral bonus).
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mockjovial - I replied via MeFi mail
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My large tech employer has 3 tiers of referrals. For Entry-ish level placements, it's $1000. For mid-level, $2000. And for low-level executives, it's either $3000 or $5000, I forget.

In all cases, half is paid out after three months, and the other half after six. It is not paid out in the case of fresh-out-of college referrals unless the person has been out of school and working for at least a year.
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My large tech employer pays $1500 for a referral that results in a hire, and $500 for intern referrals.
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My company's goes like this:

Non-tech referrals: $1000
Tech referrals: $3-5000 depending on skillset sought

All bonuses are paid in three installments: 25% up front, 25% after one month, and the remaining 50% after six months (non-tech) or one year (tech).

There are also occasional recruitment drives (mostly on the tech side) where referrals pay $5-8K, under the same conditions as above, but that's only the case when a rare skill is needed and can't be found.
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Large construction company - $1k to $5k depending on what role the person fills. Half paid after 3 months and the other half after 6 months.
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I'm a consultant, and one of the things I help companies with is strategies for recruiting and retaining technical workers, so I've got some exposure into this (in one sector, anyway).

Most of the companies I work with offer some sort of bounty for selected positions -- it's usually between $1,500 and $5,000. Companies that are desperate for good talent tend to be on the lower end of the range, and offer it on fewer positions. One of the things that I tend to recommend to folks who already have good employees is that they raise the dollar figure, and make it apply to virtually all jobs -- not just the ones that have been unfilled for a month (or whatever).

My current client (a tech company, ~250 employees), pays $2500 to any employee or contractor who refers a new employee to any full-time position that pays less than $100k per year. Half is paid immediately, the other half after the new employee has been there six months.

For positions at or more than $100k, the company pays half of what it would pay a recruiter to fill the same position, paid in three pieces: on day 1, then three months, then nine months. This is a fairly generous offer, though I understand that it's increased the quality of their hires and reduced their recruiting costs -- they feel it's a winner all around.

I'd hate to be the guy that brought in the $99k employee, though.
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$1500 - half one month after the hire and the other half at 6 months.
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My company pays £1000 for referrals if both referrer and referee are still employed in six months. Most of the vacancies are entry level.
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$2500 per referral for a medium-sized technology firm.
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I work for a small software company in the UK. Employees who refer new hires are paid a bonus equal to 7.5% of the hire's annual salary (capped at £4,000) once the new employee successfully completes their probation period (typically three months).
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