Looking for an online image rating system.
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I'm looking for some code or a survey/rating system to rate images for inclusion in a student art journal. Difficulty: no money, no support from college IT.

I apologize in advance for the length, but I'm trying to be exacting in my descriptions here.

Some background: I'm an editor of my college's student-run journal of literature and art. Every year the staff takes submissions from students, judges the entries, and then publishes a book containing the best work of the student body. In previous years, the judging (for artwork) has worked like this: I create a web gallery with photos of all the art submissions (usually about 650). Each member of the staff goes through the website image by image, and enters their rating (on a scale of 1 - 10) for each piece in an Excel file. We then all send the Excel files to our advisors, who manually add up all the votes. There's a lot more that happens after that, but that's the relevant part.

For many reasons, we need to change this system. What I'm looking for is either some code or a complete survey system that would allow each editor to enter their votes onto the web gallery itself, rather than using separate individual Excel files. My hope is that each page of the gallery would have the image, and a scale of 1 - 10 below that, with radio checkboxes. The editors would vote on all the pieces, and all the votes would be entered in a database that would allow us to view the total score for each piece, as well as how each editor voted. I've found a few complete survey packages, but they all seem to be more than what we need (as well as costing a lot more money than a student-run arts journal has available).

I don't have that much coding knowledge, but I can follow instructions pretty well if I'm pointed in the right direction. We have our own webhost and have MySQL, PHP, etc. available. One big complication is that the school's IT department is absolutely unavailable to us (our website isn't even hosted by the school), but like I said, I can generally figure things out if I know where to look. We could pay for a small survey system if that's what it comes down to, but as I said most of the ones I've looked at are for larger-scale projects than this.

Thanks for any advice/suggestions/input/whatever. If I can provide any more info please ask.
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Use gallery2. It's got built in rating and lots of other stuff, including batch uploading and automatic thumbnails. Very very easy to install if you actually have php/sql access on your server.

If not, you can get extremely cheap hosting that'll do everything you need. (~$10/year + name wherever you wanna buy it.)
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I use an album mod for my PHPBB forums but another option besides the aforementioned is Coppermine. I have played with it in the past and is none too difficult to install and operate. It's very user friendly and well documented.
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