Best Peter and the Wolf?
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Is there a definitive recording of Peter and the Wolf?
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Do you prefer narrated or not? Different strokes for different folks but my personal ultimate is the version narrated by David Bowie and performed by Eugene Ormandy with the Philadelphia Orchestra, and I have a soft spot for the version narrated by Leonard Bernstein and performed by New York Philharmonic as well. Wikipedia has a good list of the recordings and this site reviews them and has recommended a few.
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I don't know about "definitive", but the version with Patrick Stewart (a.k.a. Captain Picard, but hey, he's a well-trained Shakespearean actor) is fairly well known. However, the reviews on seem to indicate that the narration is kind of quiet.
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Got to be the David Bowie version for me.

There's an Amazon review that says "This tale is perfectly served by David Bowie's both deep and volatile voice that finds here a brand new field of artistic achievement and multiplies the music's real dramatic dimension, like a confidential story told to the listeners in their deepest ears as if he were an elfish fairy any kid would believe to be true and safe, in a word friendly." Couldn't have put it better myself. So I didn't.

The kids love it.
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Weird Al narrated a version with music performed by Wendy Carlos. Not exactly "definitive" but definitely noteworthy.
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Oh, my brother and I used to adore the Weird Al version. Definitely worth listening to.

I think I had the recording with Andre Previn conducting the Royal Philharmonic orchestra, but I don't have anything to compare it to.
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Weird Al and Wendy Carlos. Auto-win.
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Response by poster: How about un-narrated?
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the peter ustinov version i heard in childhood.
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I had the Peter Ustinov one, too, when I was a kid. But I once heard an un-narrated version and I'd love to find one.
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Berstein -- we have the version that also contains carnival of the animals, and we love it.
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Late to the party, I grew up with a Boris Karloff narrated version, with The Lieutenant Kije Suite on the backside- looks like it was a Vanguard Classics release, with the Vienna State Orchestra. It's now what I always hear in my head when I think of this...
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