Newcastle Brown Ale production codes?
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Newcastle Brown Ale production codes? On the back label are the production codes. Can anyone decipher them? Im looking to see if it gives the production date or expiration date. The codes on the bottle are: 30 06 R L168 59 16
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Response by poster: arghh.. this is regarding Newcastle Brown Ale.
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Response by poster: arghh again (sorry)
"30 06 R" is on the top line and "L168 59 16" is on the bottom.
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I had to learn this stuff when I worked retail, but I never learned Newcastle specifically, because the store I worked at didn't sell it. Still, I see two possibilities, both for the "L168" section:

1) It's a day-of-the year (168 should be sometime in the summer). If that's it, it's probably a production date. Your beer would old by North American standards, but OK by most of the rest of the world's.

2) It's a month (January = A, February = B, etc.), day, last-digit-of-year. L168 would be November 16, 2008 (assuming they skip "I"as a month to avoid confusion with "1," which most breweries do) That would have to be an expiration date, since it's 2 days in the future.

Uh, you've 2 days to drink your beer, man. Bottoms up!
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"30 06 R"

That sort of looks like--to me--born on the 30th day of 2006. All manufacturers (unfortunately) use a different sort of method for creation/expiration dates.

Cigarettes use the Day/Year method ie
"177 07 G" would mean rolled the 177th day of 2007.
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It just so happens I polished off the last of my Newcastle several minutes before reading this question. Here are the codes from mine, purchased 2 days ago in Santa Cruz, CA:

31 08 R
L233 59 21

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How about contacting them?

Here's their contact information:
Newcastle-upon-Tyne NE99 1RA
Telephone: +44 (0191) 2325092

from this page.
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This information might help. Many companies use Julian Dates or even their own system for handling code dates.
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