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I could offer excuses, but I won't. I'm unacceptably uninformed about the presidential hopefuls. Are there any good sites/articles offering summaries, breakdowns and/or analyses of the candidates' views/opinions on key issues? I'm primarily, but not exclusively, interested in the Democratic candidates.
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Best answer: On The Issues
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MSNBC's Candidates and Issues Matrix.
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Also -- check out ABCNews/USAToday's Candidate Match Game, Glassbooth's Presidential Candidate Quiz and Gannett News Service's Candidates’ Stands on Issues.
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And also CNN's Election Center 2008 Issues.
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Please keep an open mind about Republicans as well, specifically Ron Paul. Do your own research (which you asked) but I throw that out there because despite the party, he is most definitely not what you are thinking about when you think of a Republican. Not an endorsement, just a suggestion.
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This comparison chart helped me decide that Obama is the man for me. Or he would be if I had any voting ability at all in this election. Covers all candidates.
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I couldn't find anything that resembled a debate scorecard for a past republican debate, so I made one myself, and did some quote-mining and word frequency analysis.

I should do this again for the more recent debates.

and fix the darn layout...
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Best answer: for the attention-span challenged.
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You might like Glassbooth. They have a quiz you can take that will determine the best candidate to vote for based on the issues you find important.

Unfortunately for me, my ideal candidate is Dennis Kucinich.
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I was driving home thinking about this question some more and I wanted to say, while these grids are helpful, please please do more than just glance at a flash based grid that shows a bunch of red xs and green checkmarks. Take some time to really investigate the candidates.
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The Democrats are debating Thursday night at 8 Eastern on CNN. You might want to tune in just to get a sense of how they come across on TV.
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Bah. I tried On The Issues (above) and was told I "might consider voting for Hillary Clinton if [I] particularly like his character and background."
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Wikipedia can be helpful.

Positions for:

Ron Paul
Barack Obama
Mitt Romney
Rudy Giuliani
Hillary Clinton
John Edwards

etc. etc.
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