Help me name my nerdly gathering society.
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What would be a good name for a group of nerds that gathers monthly to trade lectures? Kind of like a salon for geeks.

I'm organizing a group where people gather once a month and give each other presentations on interesting topics like quantum physics, neurochemistry, literature, music, and so on. I was part of a similar (now defunct) group that had a terrible name. They called themselves PoS (for obscure reasons), and everyone was quick to point out the obvious joke about the name.

I need a catchy name for my group, one that rolls off the tongue. A friend suggested "TMI", which I thought was great, but I can't think of anything really excellent for TMI to stand for. (Teaching, Meeting, Interacting? Trading Mucho Information? Lame.)

I'm not particularly attached to TMI, so all kinds of suggestions are welcome!
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Heard Nerd or Nerd Heard?

Trippy Monthly Information
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How about the New Royal Society? The original Royal society was a similar group of nerds.
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(eclectic thinking collective)

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"A Trivial Pursuit"
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A herd or gathering of nerds.

ie: look at the Nerdus in the AV room.

alternate meaning: Nerds are us.
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the pocket protectors
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Societas Eruditorum
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Information Peeps.

"Hey, want to go see a movie tonight?"
"I can't; I have a meeting with the Information Peeps."
"You and those darned Information Peeps. Every week, it's something new with your precious Information Peeps. What do those peeps have to offer that's so great, anyway?"
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There's a lecture series in Toronto that sounds similar. It's called "Trampoline Hall". (warning: annoying website)
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You could be an affiliate chapter of Nerd Nite.
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How about The Brain Trust - sounds snarky to outsiders, but cool to those in the know!

For TMI - Too Much Intellect, The Magnificent Intellectuals
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I'm gonna have to go for the Futurama reference and suggest "Brainspawn."

Or "Nerdaissance."

Or "SoL II: Electric Boogaloo"

But "TMI" is good. It doesn't have to stand for anything. In fact, it might be more fun if it can stand for anything.
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The Invisible College.
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But "TMI" is good. It doesn't have to stand for anything.

If anyone asks you what it stands for, you can always say, "I'm sorry, that would be too much information."
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TMI and ETC remind me of TED. Which might not be a bad thing.
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Porn 'n Chicken
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TMI: "TMI Meeting of Intellectuals"
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BYOB: Bring Your Own Brain.
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TAS (The Acronym Society)
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Interested Parties
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Nergy. An orgy for nerds. ( I cant take credit for that one tho)
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NIC: Nerds in Conversation
(though technically it's not really conversation...)

This reminds me of TED, which stands for Technology, Engineering, Design. Too bad that's taken. TED attendees are called TEDsters, so maybe you can call yourselves NICkies or NICksters or some other collective term, I guess...
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kidding, how about:

The Spielers
Emcee Hawks (regionally appropriate?)
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CLASS: Colloquia, Lectures and... Smart Stuff
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oooh Colloquia, Lectures and Smartypants Salon
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I am a member of such a group which is called the Monday Evening Club. It has been continually active since 1869. (As such, it is an all-male society, but that could change one of these years.) We have 14 members, and we meet 7 times a year, always on a Monday evening. Each member hosts a meeting (dinner at home or a restaurant) one year, and presents a paper the next year. After dinner, the paper is read and then discussed (with the host moderating the discussion). When the host decides everyone has had his say, the reader of the paper get time to rebut any comments made. Then everyone gets up to leave (which is nice -- there is a defined end to the evening, no interminable chitchat). Topics are not announced in advance (although cryptic titles of the papers are), so as not to allow anyone to bone up on the subject in advance and upstage the presenter.

Apparently, during the 1800s a lot of these self-improvement societies were formed, and many of them were named after the evening they met. A few have survived to the present. I know of two other Monday Evening Clubs, both also started in 1869. One of them is the Hartford CT club, of which Mark Twain was a member (Google "Twain Monday Evening Club"). There was also, in an earlier century in Britain, something called the Lunar Society, with many famous names in it, so called because they met when the moon was full so they could find their way home at night.

One of our members said once that what he liked about the club was that it didn't do any good. Dues are $5 a year for the secretary to mail out meeting notices (we don't do email yet), and to send flowers when somebody's in the hospital. As you may gather, we're on the geezerly side, although we've been trying to perpetuate the organization by getting in some younger members, with reasonable success. So I congratulate you on looking to start up a club like this from scratch. If you'd like any more info, MeFi mail me.
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You are an academy.

So I would call it the such-and-such academy of somewhere-or-other (swap in terms as required..
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Related events:
And of course TED.
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also see dorkbot.
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Frank Exchange.
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Gique Clinique

(Geek Clinic)

Although I like the more plain-sounding "academy" and "Monday night club" names.
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Point Dexterous
Boffin Bay
Algonquin : Round Table :: Seattle : The Longhouse
Learned Hands
Fifth Column
Swap Meet, Amadeus
Hyperceph Alley
Surfeit Of Knowledge Society Fiends
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The Cacophony of Cool
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I hope you avoid the nerd/geek/dork references and stick with a classical-sounding name, as being scholarly is a noble thing. I'd love to have a group like this. Personally I hope the words nerd and geek retire from the English language - I know its no longer an insult, but I still hate it. A debate/study society that values the hard work and dedication that goes into higher and specialized learning deserves a title that will reflect on its goals in a positive manner.
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The Algonquin Square Table.
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What's wrong with "Geek Salon"?

Some of these other suggestions are much better, but I couldn't let the obvious go unspoken.
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More obscure, but fitting: alizé.
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Classically speaking, if you read together, you are a collegium. If you speak together, you are a colloquium. If you eat together, you are either a company (Latin) or a sycophancy (Greek). If you drink together you are a symposium. But Plato's Symposium had plenty of speechifying in between the drinks, after all.
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"TMI Meets Infrequently"?

Or you could just call it "Too Much Information".
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Thanks for all the suggestions! You've given me much to ponder. Deep Dish, I will be avoiding the nerd/geek references in the name I choose. (My own fault for having them in the question, I suppose.)
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The pansophic sodality?
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