How do you groom a chicken?
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How do you groom a chicken?

No, seriously. I just bought this extraordinary chickens calendar for my cube for next year. Because there are some crazy looking chickens in there and it will make me laugh every time I look at it.

But it led us to wondering: how does one groom a "show" chicken? Are there, like, wide-toothed combs or something? Are there special chicken brushes?

And are there chicken shows like there are dog and cat shows?
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I don't know about the grooming part, but poultry competitions have been a big part of every state and county fair I've ever been to. You can see some pretty wild varieties at the fair along with sad-looking angora bunnies.
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Best answer: The Washington Post Magazine recently had a feature on chicken shows, and answered your question in the second paragraph.
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How do you groom a chicken?

Well, find it a bride, of course!
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Chickens like to groom themselves by finding the dustiest part of the pen, laying on their sides and trying to shuffle as much dust into their feathers as they can then stand up and shake it all out. this is more an anti lice thing instead of a show thing though. The fancy crested polish fowl with the "big hair" look that you see in that calendar just look like that naturally through their breeding.
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