Amateur astronomers and their crazily expensive telescopes
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Amateur astronomers and their crazily expensive telescopes. I remember reading about them at, I think, Wired's website, but I can't find the article. It wasn't a normal article, but more of a gallery with photos of the astronomers and theirs telescopes, including samples of their work. Please help me find it!

Of course I tried searching with Google and Wired's built-in search, but I just can't find it.
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Probably not the site you're remembering, but in southern VT there's Stellafane.
All kinds of fun stuff there.
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Response by poster: Indeed, that's not it. The people interviewed had their telescopes built into (or next to) their houses.
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Best answer: Found it! I knew what you were talking about and drove me nuts that I couldn't find it easily. Interestingly, I found it via The Bad Astronomy blog:
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Response by poster: Yes! Thank you very much, rdhatt!
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Those are some impressive telescopes.
I used to see John Chumack (first image on the Wired link) selling his photographs at craft shows. Really nice work.
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