Simple, small, cheap accelerometer/LED?
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I'm looking for a simple, small and cheap way of measuring acceleration. Basically, I want to make a set of LEDs light up if they are accelerated significantly, becoming brighter the faster the acceleration happens.

Searching the web yields only very expensive ($300) three-axis accelerometers that are way too sophisticated for my plans. Is there some simple solution, some widget that produces voltage roughly proportional to acceleration?
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Best answer: Searching for 'accelerometer' on Digikey yields a lot of sub-$25 components like this $12 single-axis thinger
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Best answer: I think this is basically like what you're looking for.
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Response by poster: odinsdream: Ideally, it should be able to measure acceleration in all 3 planes, but does not need to distinguish direction. As for size, no bigger than 5x5x5 cm, but ideally much smaller.
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You could make a mechanical accelerometer depending on how large this thing needs to be. Attach a spring and a damper to a permanent magnet that can pass through a wound coil. When the magnet moves you'll get a current.
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You could also scavenge one out of a Wii remote - those are only about 30 bucks.
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Response by poster: Thanks aubilenon, that's pretty much perfect. (Apart from the steep-ish price, but I might be able to find a better offer now I know the magic words "ratiometric analog accelerometer".)
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A Slide pot, spring and weight would be pretty cheap if your application could handle something that low tech.
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Instructions on using accelerometers with arduinos.
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Note that the device quoted by aubilenon is just a breakout board... I'm not even sure if it comes with the IC. The IC is only $6 though, and if you only need 1, you can usually just get a free sample from AD. Just wire it up to any SMD-DIP adapter board.
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Also, if you only need 2 axes, the ADXL32x series is only $3.50 an IC.
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Why not buy a WiiMote and hack it up? They run about $40.
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Ah. Backseatpilot beat me to it. Well, seconded then.
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