Will I get a darn parking spot at the Riverside MBTA station?
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Boston Metro Filter: Does the greenline riverside MBTA station parking lot fill to capacity during the day?

I moved from Boston to Framingham - and am adjusting to all of the many ways to get back into the city. I have tried the Framingham/Worcester commuter rail line and it works but I am looking into other options. If I get to the riverside mbta station around 10am will it be full? If so how early must one get there to have a spot?
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I don't live in Framingham, but I live in Melrose by the northern terminus of the Orange Line (Oak Grove), and it's pretty much impossible to get a spot there on a weekday after 7am, and I think the other terminus stations are similar, because not only the people in the host city use the parking lot but also all the nearby cities and towns. I highly doubt you'll be able to get a spot at 10am.

Also, even if you were able to get a spot with regularity, I would factor the cost of $3.75 daily into your commute costs, and compare that to the cost of a commuter rail pass. MBTA parking is not cheap. That's $18.75 a week, so roughly $75 a month, and the LinkPass is $59 on top of that. Depending on which CR station you're closest to, it may be less hassle to just buy a CR pass. Does your employer offer commuter checks or anything like that?
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The next stop in on the greenline, the Woodland stop has a fairly sizeable parking lot that i have been able to find parking in. But i've never tried to park there at 10am on a weekday, it might be full by then. In my experience (ymmv) it is less crowded than the riverside station. I however just get on the commuter rail, as Kosh said, the cost isn't so different if you count the parking.
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Riverside's parking lot is pretty big. I can't say exactly you'd get a spot at 10 a.m., but I've parked there mid-afternoon and been OK.

The Woodland lot is pretty big too and again, I've had no trouble mid-afternoon but I can't say anything about 10 a.m.

But you know, it's like at least a 20 minute drive from F'ham to Riverside or Woodland and then you're talking another 45 minutes to an hour to get into Park Street - and don't forget, the Green Line is the slowest and most unreliable of all the lines. Wouldn't the CR out of F'ham be quicker overall?
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Best answer: I used to drive to Riverside every morning and on the rare occasion I went in that late it was never filled up. It's a pretty big lot.

Route 9 is the most direct way from Framingham to Riverside, but it can really get backed up in several spots from the Mall, er, I mean The Collection all through Wellesley. Should be ok that time of the morning though.

Also, toss a snow shovel in your car. More than once I arrived at Riverside after work only to find myself snowed in with no sign of a plow or tow truck. I once spent about three hours digging people out.
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Best answer: Do you hate the commuter rail because it takes you in to South Station? If getting into North Station would make things easier, you could take the Fitchburg line--the Brandeis stop is about a mile north of the Riverside station, and is a Zone 2 stop: $135 a month, versus a $59 Link Pass. The parking at Brandeis is ostensibly pay-per-day, but in practice, everyone just parks in the lot of the office park across the street gratis; huge lot, sort of on the outskirts of campus, parking regulations never get enforced. (I work in that building)

Otherwise, anecdotally I've never seen the Riverside lot completely full from a weekday commuter population.
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Response by poster: I don't dislike the commuter rail. On the days I need to use it it's fairly easy for me to get dropped off and picked up. However, as my job schedule is often not at normal hours and I don't often know when I will be needing to commute the green line seemed like a good option because then I am not locked into the commuter rail schedule. Additionally, often I am already at Kenmore or Riverside which makes it easier to just hop on the green line.

Thank you everyone for all of your help and different commuter options!
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