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How do I find a good Real Estate Lawyer in Cedar Rapids, IA.

We are closing our first home in a few months, and I need a lawyer. I used a lawyer for the offer, but he was not a real estate specialist. I do not know anybody in the area d a real estate lawyer, so I can't get a referral.

Any better way to do this than pick one out of the phone book?
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Response by poster: Sorry, that should read: in the area that has used a real estate lawyer...
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Check the bar association web site.
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Best answer: Here is the "Find a Lawyer" link for the Iowa State Bar:


Man, that URL is 17 feet long.

http://tinyurl.com/2dc4ec is case other one doesn't work.

Good Luck!
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Best answer: martindale.com
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If you know another lawyer in CR who does not do real estate, the odds are good they will know of a really good real estate lawyer.
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