Hand crank radio with Aux input?
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Please find me a hand crank radio with an Aux input that allows me to plug in my ipod. It should also get the weather stations and I consider it a bonus if it offers cell phone charging. I would like the price to be under $50.00 but I am curious to see all options.
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A quick note to anyone thinking this is a fool's errand: It might be, but since this fits the entire bill minus the aux input, it doesn't sound totally insane.

I will note that hand-crank radios with aux inputs do seem to be few and far between, by which I mean that a few minutes' googling hasn't found me any. But the idea of all of those features together may well be available for $50, or not much more.
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that is the issue- hand crank radios are a dime a dozen, but finding one with Aux has been an issue - I am 90% sure that there is a model out there. . but obviously I have not found it!
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I'd ask here if someone has bought one of these cheap ones and found an easy way to modify it for aux inputs.

Considering the ipod runs off its own power, you might want to think about picking up an itrip and broadcasting FM to the radio.
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Eton makes emergency crank radio's, the FR400 should have an aux input but I can't get at mine currently. They can charge your phone as well.

If you want one consider donating to NPR or buying through NPR's store.
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How about this?
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Nice find JanetLand. Seems strange that so many models don't have this feature. I wonder if I can find this someplace other than Walmart- the idea of giving that company more money makes me sad.
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I saw one at OSH this weekend. After much googling, I found its near equivalent.

I didn't purchase one as the amount of stuff it claims to do made me think it doesn't do anything well.
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I just got two of them at Costco for $15 total. They parade as flashlights but they also have built in AM/FM/Weather radios and USB ports for charging.
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Here's what I got, as seen on Amazon for twice $30 for two. But like I said... two for $15 at Costco.
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The Jeep-rebrand stuff I've seen in person has been universally crappy - Since this is apparently a Walmart exclusive, I'm betting it's not great either - I'd get a look at it in person.

Imabot:The only plugs on the back of the FR400 (According to Eton's manual) are the power input, headphone and the crank-charge output. At least one of those will make your MP3 player a sad panda if you plug it in there. :(

I'm thinking at this point that the intersection of ( I need an crank emergency radio ) and ( I have a working iPod ) has been assumed to be very small by the manufacturing sector - If for no other reason than it would take a king-hell lot of cranking to recharge your ipod when it runs out.

I've never been able to figure out why foot cranking isn't more popular.
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Well it looks like only Janet has found one - Orb2069 is probably correct in that it is junk. Well I will put it on my list and see. We can always hope. A neighbor of mine has the jeep jukebox and it is pretty decent. Then again it doesn't try to do 50 different things.
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I did recieve this for xmas and so far it is decent. Really takes a good bit of cranking to get the radio to play for more than a few minutes but it works. Just thought I would share.
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