Photo negative scanning in the UK?
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Photo negative scanning in the UK?

Can anyone recommend a uk company that scans negatives and returns digital images? I'm wanting to get around 300 negatives scanned, so price is a factor. I've never done this before, so any pointers on what to look out for would also be welcome.
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Best answer: Have you called Snappy Snaps? If they do not do it the competent clerk or two will. The plus is that they are found on every high street.
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You'll need to think about your intended use for the digital scans afterwards. Is it to digitally archive them or just to be able to share them more easily with friends? If it's just for using on the web, low-res scans (up to 5Mb per image) is fine. If you want to be able to print anything larger than a 6x4" print off of them then you'll need to pay for higher resolution scanning.

These guys aren't extra cheap but I can recommend them as being very good & reliable. For 100+ scans their prices are 42p per image for low res (4.5 Mb), 77p per image for high res (16-18 Mb) and £1.15 for super res (40-50 Mb - that'll probably print up to 40x30" at 300 dpi, so should be big enough for anyone!). N.B. None of the above include VAT or delivery.
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Response by poster: For future Askers.... Just called Snappy Snaps, and they do 4mb (1024x1536) scans for £4.99 for the first 36 negatives, then £2.99 for the next 4 films. That works out at about 9p/image by my maths, so not bad.
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