An expensive lesson?
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My scam detector is going off but... but just a glimmer of hope... Anybody here dealt with "Electronics Marketing Limited"?

I've come into contact with a seller, based in the UK but I believe with ties to manufacturing in China. I've had email corrospondance with him and if it wasn't for the EXTREMELY low prices on consumer hardware and the promise of free worldwide FedEx shipping I would believe that he was legit and on the up and up.

They're a registered company in the UK for 20 years (reg number 02159548). I know this because I independantly looked up the reg number with the government. All valid and looking OK.

They say they only accept Western Union money transfers... alarm bells ring here and I'm very hesitant to wire cash.

They're present on some classified sites around the web and on large e-commerce/business listings like alibaba, highdubai and businesspatrol.

I just for the life of me can't find anybody to vouch for this company and secretly wish I've found one of lifes great secrets :)

Assuming this isn't a scam - how the hell can they offer those prices? Organised crime? Stolen merch? Any ideas to proving authenticity before finding out the hard way? Please don't snark me, I'm tempted by the low-hanging fruit and will feel silly enough if this is a ripoff without HURF DURF SCAMBAIT
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Let's see, that would be "Electronics Marketing Limited" of Nigeria?

I don't think any legitimate company would use an email address on "" for business correspondence. And some things I've found online say that scammers prefer payment by Western Union because WU doesn't demand much in order to receive payment.
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I love this extras note at the bottom of their specs description for the Nokia N95:

"- HS Code : 9507 Fishing Tackle; Fish Landing Nets, Butterfly Nets; Decoy "birds""
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You used to have a link to their ad, but it seems the mods removed it, so I can't confirm a suspicion I have.

Perhaps there is a legitimate company by that name, with a legitimate registration number. How do you know you're really dealing with someone from that company?
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It sounds too good to be true.
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"Western Union only" should be all you need to hear to know it's a scam.
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Also, the shell of an existing company can be purchased and use to hold a new company, legit, or otherwise.
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What Good Brain said. It's called a shelf company, because it is registered and shelved to be re-sold and used when it has matured.
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if it sounds too good to be true, it is too good to be true.

especially on the internet.
especially it it involves money being wired to a foreign country.

little reality check here: if this is a british company doing business in britain with a british reg number then why the hell would they not accept payment via usual channels in britain? it's cheaper, faster and more convenient for them and you.

this reaks like a 300lbs man after a marathon.
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If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
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