Nutritious and Delicious??
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Fake and edible indoor plants? For my Kittys... Does anyone even make such a thing? If not, what could I make it out of?? Or if anyone knows of any tough non-toxic indoor plants that will cope with feasting, possibly air con and shitty light but definitely the feasting! What would you recommend? (A roster/tag team basis would be perfectly understandable and acceptable...)
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I was just looking at a little chia-like product called Kat Grass (or something similar).
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You can grow cat grass and catnip indoors.
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wheatgrass is good for kitties GI, as easy to grow as grass, inexpensive, and pretty easy to take care of.
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2nd the wheatgrass. You can even grow it in some wet cheesecloth so they can't get dirt everywhere.
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3rding wheatgrass. My local grocery stores sell it in little pots (presumably for people who juice it). If you can't find it there, Petco and Petsmart usually sell it, along with little kits that enable you to grow it yourself.
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Pet stores often sell little pots of grass for cats. Also check out the living cat nip at the local big box hardware store or nursery. Cats will eat that down to the roots, too.
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Lots and lots of grasses. You can grow a small pot of popcorn (not the kind in bags, the kind that comes lose in a plastic jar--obviously), or in fact almost any other kind of whole grain that you would eat as food (rye, barley), different cats love different ones.
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Although catnip is easy to grow, I would recommend the cat grass instead if your cats are anything like mine, who go completely insane around catnip, devour the entire plant on the spot, and strew the dirt around the floor and roll in it making sure they've got every last little bit out of it.
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A friend of mine did a very clever thing with her catnip. She grew it in a pot and then covered it with a decorative iron birdcage. The bottom of the cage was removed so just the bars were sticking in the dirt. The cat could only really get to the catnip that grew out through the bars! I plan to totally copy this idea next spring.
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Response by poster: Yeah I've got some of that :)
(Though the birdcage idea is very interesting!)
It is not an indoor plant and they prefer my Lemon Grass now they tell me (or show me rather).

I'm really after a plant. That's what they're getting for Christmas and I need to hang stuff off it. (They've never had one and I haven't had one since I was a real little chick so this is kind of exciting!)

Oh yeah and it seems alot of my 'green thumb' is just setting it up for mother nature to knock em down. Inside, um stuff tends to die...
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