Well, it can't be worse than Chicago
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Moving to Toronto: got an apartment, now what about cable, internets, phone?

I'm moving back to Toronto in December. What are my options for TV, data and phone? Based on responses to the question posted last February, I'll probably use Rogers for cable and internet (unless someone can give me a compelling reason not to), but I have no idea which wireless provider to use. I prefer to use a cell phone over a landline or VoIP, but I'm also considering more advanced hand held devices. Has something like Helio made it to Canada yet?
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It can be worse than chicago. If you go with Rogers for your wireless in addition to cable and internet you can save $5 or $10 a month. The only other real choice is Bell (Telus is the same physical network as Bell in Ontario).

Both Bell and Rogers have absolutely shit rates compared to the US. If you plan to use a wireless phone from your apartment you should ask friends to see which has better coverage where you are.

If you're going to travel to Europe a lot, get Rogers, as they're GSM (Bell is not).

Fido may be a bit cheaper than Rogers, but since they got bought it's the same physical network (Rogers & Fido).

Canada is essentially a wireless duopoly these days, with the associated crappy prices.
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If you do any Bittorrenting, don't go with Rogers. They cap the torrent portals. They deny it, but it's been proven many times online.

I recommend Teksavvy for your internet. They're terrific!

I use Fido because I hate Rogers and Bell. The service is fine but I wish there were more options.
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You realize Fido is Rogers, right?

Hence why I canceled my Fido account [shakes fist]...
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I second dobbs on Teksavvy and on Rogers capping torrent portals.

As for phones: nobody really likes Rogers/Fido, but they do work better than Telus, particularly if you travel around the country.
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thirding teksavvy.
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Fourthing Teksavvy.
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go to rfd and search the threads or post there... good deals on all services mentioned there...
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TekSavvy is fucking awesome. I would have the company's babies if I could. Holy fuck they are so good. Call them up and a real live person will answer the damn phone. Fuck yeah.

I use Fido for my cell phone, but as others have noted, they are owned by Rogers now, and really don't have the cool plans they used to.

I download all my television, so I can't help you there.
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Another vote for Teksavvy. In any case, there are over 50 ISPs who can give you a high-speed internet in Toronto. Rogers and Bell are the most expensive, have the most restrictive terms, and the worst customer service.
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