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Cat photographer in Chicago?

Ok, I know most people get those professional photos done of their kids every now and then, and my kitten is my kid! I'd like to get some professional photos taken of my cat in Chicago. Coal's been hard to take photos of because he has this lovely habit of looking directly into the camera, causing these weird devil eyes.

Plus, I want to do a funny photo of him inside of a stocking - get it? Santa left Coal for Christmas...ha ha.

So, I'd prefer a place in Chicago that can take relatively reasonably priced photos of a kitten (he's 14 weeks now).

Do Sears and JC Penney take pet portraits? Is Petsmart a good place to go?
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I don't know about pet portraits at places like Sears / JC Penney.. but I have a friend who is a phenomenal wedding photographer who might be willing to do it. If you're interested, send me a MeFiMail and I'll get you his contact information. His photos are really good and I imagine he'd be able to handle pet photos quite well.
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There's a pet photographer in my 'hood! It's on Broadway, right around Roscoe, but I cannot for the life of me remember what it's called and I can't find it on the internet. The folks at Wiggleyville (on the same block 773-528-3337) might know what it's called. If not, they would certainly have a recommendation.
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Ooh ooh! The Red Door Animal Shelter has pet "spa" days a few times a year and they always have a pet photographer on hand. You get three photos and its pretty inexpensive...not to mention it all goes to charity. And I bet they'd be willing to work with you on the kitten in a stocking thing. The only thing is I don't know if they'll have another one before this Christmas. So far, I don't see one listed.
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My grandmother got pictures of her bulldog taken at Petsmart and they turned out pretty good, if you don't mind the fact that they look almost identical to what your 1st grader is likely to bring home from school. She went with the laser background.

Of course, I would be prepared to be teased mercilessly for this. We all mark this as the point my grandmother went from being "delightfully eccentric" to "crazy old lady". She tries to justify it by saying she had a coupon and it was such a good deal how could she not do it? The dog's portrait now has a more prominent place in her house than any of us grandkids. We're slightly afraid that in a moment of whimsy she'll change her will and leave everything to the dog.

Of course that is one damn fine bulldog I have to admit...
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Sutton Studios. (actually in Evanston) Don't be put off by all the dogs on the website-- he does cats too.

David did family portraits for us about 12 years ago and I've always regretted not bringing the cats along, as they both died within about two years.
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Seconding Red Door. They're good people and a friend of a friend designed their logo.
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As an update, I did actually get photographs taken at my local Petco. They turned out nice, but ended up being very expensive.
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