Simple realistic art
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Which artists have depicted simple, realistic scenes of humans performing activities of daily life?

I'm looking for artwork which you can take one look at, and know what's going on. Nothing abstract. And the subject matter should be people doing things that people do, e.g. having a picnic, sitting around watching TV, relaxing at the beach, etc.
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Jan Steen
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Sounds like Norman Rockwell.
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Edward Hopper was the first artist that sprung to mind.
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But perhaps this more an illustration question, rather than an art question?
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Some of Brueghel.
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Lowry comes to mind.
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How about film stills?

Jim Jarmusch comes to mind.
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Winslow Homer
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Are you looking for modern scenes, or from different time periods?
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What you're looking for is called Genre Painting. It was particularly popular during the early 19th century for a variety of reasons (rise of the middle class, Barbizon school, increasing interest in realism) but it had long roots and continues in some form or another even today, although nowadays pure genre tends to get a little subsumed by pop imagery. For 20th century American genre painters, try Grant Wood or the Ashcan school. Is there contemporary genre painting going on? Opinions are kind of mixed. I think you could count Alex Katz as a contemporary genre artist, maybe, or David Hockney, even if they're not doing comfortable brown interiors with a table and a peasant by the fire.
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Mary Cassatt specialized in quotidian scenes of childrearing -- a mother bathing her daughter, a wide-awake toddler in bed with her still-sleepy mom in the morning, etc.
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Thanks for the very helpful suggestions so far. I am particularly interested in modern scenes, and yes, I think I would be even more interested in illustrators than painters, because I am looking for really visually simple works.

Of the artists mentioned above, Norman Rockwell is probably closest to what I'm looking for. Who else does work in a similar vein?
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IANAexpert, but I believe the Dutch have a particular tradition of this kind of thing, as you can see from some of the artist names above.
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Vincent Van Gogh, but it's not modern.
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Dorothea Lange

"Ordinary" has many different meanings for different people. Do you mean "ordinary middle class?"
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Duane Hanson Does exactly that but in sculpture form. The results are completely freaky.
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Monet has some
Diego Rivera

vintage magazine illustrations:
covers of Good Housekeeping; Jessie Wilcox-Smith
covers of Redbook

and children's book illustrators might be a good category to look in (depending what you want this for)
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Gustave Courbet's The Stone Breakers is a famous example of realism. There are many other realist painters listed on this wikipedia page.
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Mary Cassat
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