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My apologies in advance for furthering the stereotype. I'm a girl, I like video games, but I lean towards puzzles games & sims... & my skills suck. My boyfriend is a video game collector & fairly avid player, as it is, his interest in types of games & his skill level are a fair bit different than my own. We recently got a PS3 & I'd like to expand the library by adding a few new games for myself (I'm looking for older stuff preferably: PS2 or even PS1 games). I like to play, but often have trouble finding games... so here I am turning to the MetaFilter Suggestion Engine.

The problem, to me, seems to be that the catalogue of games for Playstation is enormous & much more "hardcore-gamer" oriented than the Nintendo systems. I've looked at Metacritic, but it's overwhelming & hard to pinpoint games I might like.

Games that have held my interest in the past:

Nintendo DS:

Phoenix Wright
Mario Kart
Super Princess Peach
Puzzle Quest
Mario & Luigi:Partners in Time (although got too hard in the last stages)

Gamecube/ Wii:

Pikmin 2
Trauma Center
Lego Star Wars

I'm also a fan of The Sims (1 & 2) on the PC & enjoy Loco Roco on the PSP. Last example, we bought Kingdom Hearts (PS2) yesterday & I enjoyed that as well, it's different than other games I've played & I think it will end up being too hard for me in the long run, but I like the gameplay.

P.S. I did find other similar threads & have Katmari Damacy on my list to add to our library, I'm just hoping for more suggestions to fit my interests.
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Best answer: Allow me to be the first of many to say: Portal!
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If you like Loco Roco, you can download the PS3 version from the PS3 store.
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Another vote for "Portal". It's an unsual game, and in the end you even receive a delicious cake! Don't you like cake?
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You will love Katamari.
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Response by poster: That'll be the PS3 version of Portal that comes out in December?
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Best answer: You might want to look into the downloadable games for the PS3. They have some games like flOw that you might like.

You might like Okami, it's a action-adventure/puzzle type game, similar to Zelda. In that vein, Beyond Good and Evil is quite good too.

Have you tried Guitar Hero?
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Response by poster: I haven't tried Guitar Hero, but the premise doesn't interest me... ditto anything karaoke related.
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I'm in your situation too -- and I *love* Portal. I played it for a while at my boyfriend's and now it's at home waiting for me to finish it.

I love Guitar Hero, and I *don't* like karaoke type games.

I can't stand Katamari and don't understand why people think it is awesome, but that is just me.

I am strangely addicted to Viva Pinata, but I don't know if that's on the PS3; I've only got a 360.

I've heard great things about Elder Scrolls IV, and people tell me I'd like it, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.
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Best answer: I'm the same kind of gamer that you are.

PS1 game I really enjoyed - Harvest Moon. It's a little sim game where you inherit a farm and have to bring it back to success in order to stay in the village. There are several versions, but the PS1 is the one I like the best.

PC game - Zoo Tycoon. It's different enough from Sim City that I enjoyed it - with a different level of micromanagement. I do like the regular Sims, but once in awhile need a break.

Wii - Rayman Raving Rabids. A series of hysterical minigames. Not a sim, but somehow triggers the same pleasure center in my brain. (Perhaps the same center that Kingdom Hearts did. BTW, don't let it overwhelm you, it's a fun game. The sequel, not so much.)
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Best answer: I'm terrible at Guitar Hero myself.

You might be interested in Harvest Moon, there's a version out for PS2. It's a farm simulator: you walk around your farm and plant crops and raise animals.

In line with Action Adventure, Dark Cloud 2 also looks like something you could give a try.
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Ico and Shadow of the Colossus are both beautiful puzzle / platform games. They're kind of hard (too hard for me) but they are works of art.

If you like psychedelia in games, Rez on PS2 is still awesome. It's not particularly hard, just mesmerizing.
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I really like Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life (PS2). I've never tried Katamari or Guitar Hero though, as other than Harvest Moon and the occasional bout of Animal Crossing (Game Cube) I tend to stick to RPGs.
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You have the exact same taste as my girlfriend. Some of the games she loved that you're missing:

For the DS:
Dragon Quest: Rocket Slime
Youshi's Island DS
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That'll be the PS3 version of Portal that comes out in December?

According to the wikipedia entry, it will be released on November 23, but Valve is notorious for pushing back release dates. It's already available for Windows. You can purchase it standalone, or you could spring for the whole Orange Box (available Dec. 11th). The Orange Box may not be a bad idea, since it contains not only Portal, but also three iterations of the Half Life 2 series. HL2 is an FPS game, but one that a lot of people who aren't hugely into FPSs (including myself) love. So you might like it, and your boyfriend almost certainly will, if he isn't familiar with it already.
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Okami for the PS2? Keep an eye out for Little Big Planet for the PS3 (it isn't released yet).
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Best answer: It's not due until Q1 2008, but when it hits, I strongly suspect that Little Big Planet for the PS3 will be very much the type of thing you're looking for.

Super Mario 64 for the N64 was revolutionary in its day. Man I dug that. You might, too. I've no idea how it holds up on a Wii, mind you.

If you like Kingdom Hearts, you may also enjoy some of the more recent Final Fantasy games. I'm thinking of FF X and FF X2, as I've not played the latest. Same basic gameplay, without the Disney.

How do you feel about the Dance Dance Revolution family of games? It means an investment in dance pads, and the right kind of space to play in, but it's a very different type of gaming. It can be fun and healthy.
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Best answer: I too hate Katamari and I don't understand the raves. I think you would love the original Jak & Daxter for PS2 (Jak & Daxter: the Precursor Legacy).

I'm not sure if I'd recommend spending $60 on it in case you don't like it, but if your boyfriend has/will be buying Ratched & Clank Future, give it a try! It is by far the easiest in the series. I just finished it and was totally sad (not really disappointed) that it was so short and easy.
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that should say "Ratchet" dammit.
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If you're into games like Puzzle Quest which are pretty much about rapidly matching colors, Popcap Hits is coming out soon. It has Bejeweled, which is very similar to Puzzle Quest, only without all the spells and RPG elements, just matching colors. It also includes Astropop, which is essentially Breakout (or Arkanoid).
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I recently purchased Rule of Rose and Shadow of the Colossus. Both very enjoyable. The controls in Rule of Rose are kind of clumsy but the story/atmosphere is wonderfully bizarre.
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Best answer: Oh, and the first three games in the Myst series of games are available in Playstation versions. They defined a genre of puzzle game and were much-imitated, though the world has since moved on. They're pretty static, relative to almost everything else.

I enjoyed Shadow of Destiny (PS2) some years back. It's a snack of a game, though. Rent it or buy used for $5, because you'll likely solve it in a weekend if you get hooked.
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Best answer: I am you. Which means you have to buy Katamari like right now.

A lot of the suggestions above are good ones. I love Final Fantasy anything and I absolutely adored Dragon Quest VIII, and most of the other games I frequently play are compilations of older games (Sonic Mega Collection, Mega Man Anniversary Collection, Final Fantasy Anthology and Chronicles, and Intellivision Lives, all for PS1 or PS2, and a ton of stuff off Virtual Console on the Wii) - and most of these are super cheap, too!

For the Wii, Super Paper Mario is a lot of fun, and I love the Wario Ware series.

If you can, rent before you buy. I have a long queue of games, including several of the above, and I can often play a new game for a few days or a week only to put it away for months and not pick it up. Ultimately the only way to know if a game is for you is to put it in and start playing.
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Best answer: Zack and Wiki for the Wii just came out on the Wii and it's easily the best third party game for the system. It's a point and click puzzle game and while the name and the artwork make it seem like a children's game, it's definitely not. Some puzzles will drive you nuts (in a good way). Metacritic score.
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Laura in Canada: I hated Katamari SO MUCH that I will send it to you. For free. memail me. Maybe you'll love it.
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Best answer: Ha Peep, if Laura doesn't want Katamari will you send it to me? I have never been able to find it in a store! :)

Laura, I'm not quite you, but I do like most of the games you have mentioned. Other games you may like, but am not sure involve games like Disgaea, La Pucelle Tactics or Phantom Brave-- they might appeal to the puzzle side of you without being straight puzzle. Odin Sphere for the PS2 is what I'm playing currently and it's an engaging story-- it's considered a brawler, but you cook and grow plants to up hit points and have five different storylines to go through. Have you played the new Legend of Zelda for the DS? Artwise it's very similar to the kinds of games you mention (stylized and unique), there's a lot to unlock/discover, and puzzles are integral to the Zelda family of games. Everyone I know adores Portal so I agree to that-- I am guessing Wario Ware may not be your cup of tea (it's certainly too ADD for me) but you may also like the Kirby series for Game Boy/DS-- there's one you control Kirby with the stylus alone and gets pretty ingenious with the different abilities. You might like Dark Cloud 2 for the PS2 as well-- it's an adventure game, but you build up weapons and the story is good as well.

Seconding Harvest Moon as well. (There's Animal Crossing as well, but it kind of gets old after a while for me) A good spin on that is Rune Factory-- which is like RPG Harvest Moon. Really fun though. For awesome stories, Okami is a great one as well.

Umm, there's a lot more but I can't think of them offhand! Good luck!
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I'm you too! Hooray! :)

I just started playing MySims yesterday for the Wii, and I love love love it. It's super cutesy but adds some really interesting dimensions to the Sims catalog. Less managing your own characters, and more building and tasking for the town.

Katamari is all about the cutesy music, interesting scenes, and doing the levels where you can roll from needle size to world size! V. cute. You should be able to find Katamari Damacy for about $20 at Best Buy or online.

Okami will change your life. Probably the most beautiful game I've ever played. And, Okami is coming to the Wii!
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Best answer: Aaah! I can't believe I forgot!

PSYCHONAUTS! Seriously. Hilarious adventure platformer.

The new Zelda for DS is great.
Kirby for the DS is great too.
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Oh, and Odin Sphere for PS2
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Nintendo: any Zelda, Super Paper Mario, Harvest Moon: Back to Nature or Magical Melody, Animal Crossing, Resident Evil 4 (not necessarily your tastes but my girlfriend loves this series and a lot of games you do as well)
PS2/1: This platform has literally thousands of titles but I recommend Champions of Norrath or Baldur's Gate for simple dungeon crawler fun.
Try going to and searching for PS2 games by type and overall score to get some new ideas.
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Best answer: We have some games in common. I'm a Stereotypical Girl Gamer lacking in certain skills (can't play 3D games well, and watching or playing an FPS immediately makes me nauseated).

I really like DDR / ITG. It takes some time to learn on a real setup, but you can download the open source version, StepMania, to try out for free on your keyboard. For other rhythm games, I also loved Elite Beat Agents (DS) and was able to clear all three regular difficulties, but a lot of my friends have told me they think it's too hard. I can't stand Guitar Hero.

If you liked Partners in Time, you'll probably enjoy its precursor, Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga (GBA). I enjoyed both Feel the Magic and Rub Rabbits (DS), which aren't deep games, but are stylized and quirky, and not difficult. You can pick up the former, at least, for around $5 at a lot of places.

I have Yoshi's Island (DS), and as someone who has never played platformers before, I think it's fantastic, but I found it too hard starting at World 3.

How do you feel about Pokemon? I think Diamond / Pearl (DS) are the best in the series.

On preview, I realized that you were asking for PS1/2 titles, but Feel the Magic and M&L: Superstar Saga can be picked up for cheap, and StepMania is free, so I think you should consider them anyway.
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Best answer: In my bias against Sony, I forgot to second Final Fantasy X! Kingdom Hearts (the first one) was too hard for me, but I loved this game. The story tries to be pretty cinematic sometimes -- I liked it, but I don't know if you will.
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Seconding Zack and Wiki for the Wii...
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Best answer: I'm the opposite. I like action/FPS games, but get bored of sim games and puzzle games after a few hours. I guess in a way, I'm like your boyfriend. Would it help if you guys found a co-op game to play?

Some games I'd like to add to the list:

The Adventures of Cookie and Cream (PS2): It's a co-op 3rd person platform/puzzle game. Very cute, takes some amount of skill and timing to get the jumps right, and co-op games are fun, period.

Super Mario Galaxy (Wii): This just came out today so I haven't played it yet, but it sort of has a co-op mode you guys can both play. One person controls Mario, the other waves a cursor around. Let the better gamer control Mario and the other one can wave the cursor around.

Shining Tears (PS2): A hack-and-slash type RPG with 2 player co-op. It gets pretty boring if you're playing by yourself, but I can see it being fun with another player.

I also have to second ICO and Shadow of the Colossus. I'd start with ICO first. It's pretty easy and the majority of the game is walking around and staring at the environment.
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Katamari [ps]
Myst (original) [ps, computer]
Soul Caliber (my ex girlfriend liked it atleast) [ps]
Guitar Hero series [ps]
Intelligence cube (seriously awesome puzzle game) [ps]
Elebite [wii]
PaaRappa the Rapper (the original ddr / guitar hero type game) [ps]
Spice World (...joke...) [ps]
SkullMonkeys (a neverwhere game) [ps]
Kingdom Hearts - great disney character RPG [ps]
Okami (you bring color back to the world and "paint/attack" things) - will be much better when it comes out for Wii [ps, for now]

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oops, you already said you like elebite & kingdom hearts...i will read a little closer next time.
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Best answer: Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, and Katamari are all strong contenders. I've heard a lot of raves about Persona 3 (PS2 game) which is an RPG that takes place in a Japanese school.
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And oh dear, how could I forget Okami??? I strongly urge you to get that one!
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I seem to be the same sort of gamer you are too, but after the release of Katamari Damacy, I got hooked on WoW. OOPS!

Other than that, I get hugely addicted to rhythm games and really enjoy DDR, Karaoke Revolution, Guitar Hero, and....*drumroll* favorite game for Playstation was probably Parappa the Rapper. (No, seriously! I'm glad someone else up there has said it too.) UmJammer Lammy is the follow up PS1 game, and they also released Parappa the Rapper 2 for PS2.

I also love the series of Kirby games from the original to the present one - you should definitely pick up a memory card/emulator combo for your DS to pick up some of the classics. I think you'd love Toe Jam and Earl 1&2 (Sega Genesis)...

Oh, and I know it's been out for a few years, and you've probably played it, but I totally love Animal Crossing for the DS. I'll throw in support for Harvest Moon too.
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OH! And as far as rhythm games go, if you're into that - pick up Ouendan!
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My wife and I just played through Eternal Sonata (on the 360, but a PS3 version is supposed to be released next year). ES has a second-player mode where you can drop in at any time and play one or more of the 3 characters during battle. Even though she hadn't ever played an RPG, the ol' lady still had a good time joining in as one of the characters while letting me handle all the RPG cruft (assigning skills, purchasing items, exploring for treasure, etc). Battles are action-based so mostly you just hammer on the A or Y buttons.
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Laura, how are your games working out? I just got the Orange Box for Christmas, and I'm playing Portal right now - it was recommended by some posters. I LOVE it. Update us on what you've liked or not liked!
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