Cooked Whole Turkey Delivery
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Where can I order ready-to-eat whole turkey in NYC to be delivered to the West Village?
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Whole Foods
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Response by poster: Thanks - their turkey requires reheating. As does Zabars.
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Short of a caterer to come to your house and cook it, you're going to have to reheat the turkey. There are too many people needing turkeys for them all to arrive hot.
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(Also, try Grace's or Balducci's.)
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sorry - ready to eat means cooked in my head ... this might be a bit difficult.

This place delivers a heated turkey, but you'll have to call them to find out their delivery range

Butterfield Market
1114 Lexington Ave., nr. 78th St.; 212-288-7800.
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I ate lunch at Hill Country last week and there were signs in the front about them offering cooked, whole turkeys. You could give them a call.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone. Butterfield does - and even offer hot sliced turkey breast as well. However, they just ordered turkeys, and whole cooked deliveries aren't available just yet.

Hill Country also confirmed and seems to be the cheapest option however, they are only offering whole turkeys on thanksgiving day and no other time.
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