what's wrong with my blackberry pearl?
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what's wrong with my blackberry pearl?

I can get to the main screen and do some of the functions, but most of the important ones I can't get to. If I click them the screen turns off and the red light blinks, then the blackberry OS restarts.

Anyone know what's up?

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bad battery? try switching it out with a friend's
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You have a blackberry pearl...THAT is your first problem!!!

JK. Did you get it near some liquid? If you open the battery, there is a sticker inside the phone. If it is blue, or any color other than white, it means that liquid got in there. It does not sound like a software issue more than a wiring problem within the phone, so perhaps you need a replacement phone.
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If popping out the battery and putting it back in doesn't fix a problem on a Blackberry then you've got a hardware or OS issue (first one is more likely).

You can re-load the OS using the desktop manager software (make sure you back-up first!) as it would be the cheapest path of least resistance. If that doesn't work, then try finding a replacement battery. If that fails, you've got a faulty device. Take it back to the retailer (hopefully it's still under contract/warranty).
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If you've taken the battery out for a couple seconds, put it back in and are having the same problem, you'll most likely want to reapply the device software.

Unless as dnthomps suggests that you've gotten it wet somehow, if your sticker is anything other than white or white with pink stripes then it's definitely gotten at least damp.

You can call your carrier and have them walk you through reapplying the device software or your can do this:

1. If you don't already have BlackBerry Desktop Manager installed, download it from here. Unless you're using a Mac in which case you can download PocketMac from the same link. Install it.

2. With the BlackBerry connected to your PC/Mac open Desktop Manager (or Pocketmac) click Options > Connection Settings > Choose USB > Click Detect. Click OK. Make sure it says Connected at the bottom of the main screen of your Desktop Manager/Pocketmac.

3. Click Backup/Restore. Click Backup. Save it to the default location (usually My Documents). Close out when it is finished.

4. Download the latest version of the device software from your carrier's BlackBerry download site. Should be able to find it my searching "AT&T"+"BlackBerry" or something. Depending on your carrier. After you've downloaded it, install it.

When you are at this point, follow this BlackBerry knowledge base article.

Feel free to email me (in profile) if you have trouble.

It really is easier to have a rep from your carrier walk you through it though. They may even transfer you to RIM.
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Note: I strongly doubt this is a battery issue, really sounds like a software problem.
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