Caps made in Australia?
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I'm looking for some plain (single colour, something basic, no logos -- I'll be sewing my own patch onto them) baseball cap style hats that are made in Australia. Bonds tell me they don't make them and, off hand, I don't know any other Australian clothing brands that manufacture locally. Does anyone know an Australian label for baseball caps that actually makes them in Australia?

If you know a particular clothing brand is made in Australia, but you're not sure if they make baseball caps, feel free to post their details anyway. Thanks.
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There's Miracle Image? I don't know if they manufacture in Australia, but they have contact info on the main page.
posted by Solomon at 3:36 PM on November 11, 2007

Best answer: Made in Australia will be difficult. REMO General Store has some plain Navy caps in stock here. Maybe ask them where they had them made?
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