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Besides the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Online Privacy Alliance, what groups, if any, protect or lobby for the concept of privacy or anonymity in the United States, and how involved are they?
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The ACLU does some of this — see ACLU v. NSA about the wiretapping issue.
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Best answer: Oh, and skim through the links posted in reply to this previous question of mine. My request was a little different in scope from yours, but there's a lot of overlap. See especially EPIC.
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Response by poster: Thanks EC.
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Best answer: EPIC
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Best answer: The American Library Association
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Oops, I missed electric_counterpoint's answer.
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Best answer: This is not direct, but when I was looking for people to get information from when I was getting uppity about having to give my social security number to people, I found the Center for Democracy and Technology not only cared a lot about the idea of privacy but they'd often go on record testifying about privacy and technological changes/implications.

The ALA cares a great deal about the privacy of library records in the US and spends a lot of time supporting people's rights to privacy in that regard, even when it's somewhat unpalatable -- like when cops show up at the library wanting to take computers that criminals may have used and the librarians say "come back with a search warrant" ALA supports that. They spend money actively lobbying and the Library Bill of Rights and the ALA Intellectual Freedom Manual are very clear on the fact that they consider privacy one of the ultimate values of librarianship.

CDT on privacy
ALA on creating a privacy policy at your library
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Best answer: The Health Privacy Project works on, well, health privacy, including medical records.
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Best answer: was created in August 1996 to represent the interests of people under 18 in the debate over freedom of speech on the Internet
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Best answer: Privacy International.
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