Can my wired TiVo join a home network for TiVo to Go?
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Can my wired TiVo join a home network for TiVo to Go?

I was just gifted a Series2 with lifetime service. Here's how I hooked it up:

Modem --> (not wireless) Router --> one branch wired to TiVo, the other wired to my Airport Express. Then my Airport creates the wireless network for my computer, and the TiVo successfully connects to the network for programming and stuff.

I want to do TiVo to Go and listen to my iTunes on the tv, so I tried to set all that up on my computer - including buying Toast 8 - but I can't make it work. After a couple days, I realized that I am an idiot and my TiVo is not really a part of my home network because (in completely non-technical terms) it uses it's own little piece of my modem and the Airport uses a different piece. I paid a decent bit for one adapter already (a USB-ethernet adapter, because my TiVo is old school), and I don't want to buy the wireless adapter and start this all over again. Is there a way to make my TiVo talk to my computer? even though it's wired through the modem? They are only 20 feet away from each other so it seems sad that I can't figure out a solution.

Here's one idea: can I just run a long ethernet cable under the floor and go straight in to my computer? Then the Airport would get the internet signal, sling it to my computer, and my computer could feed it to my TiVo. Would that work? Is there some other way to make my airport/computer recognize the existence of my TiVo?
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Ah, I see, your TiVo has an IP given out by the router, the airport express creates its own sub-network and they can't talk to each other.

I think you need to change the setup of the airport express by telling it not to give out IP addresses to clients (no NAT) so that instead every wireless client is like a virtual ethernet cable connected to your router, which should give out IPs. Then everything should be on the same network provided by your router and they should see each other.
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I believe what you want (and what mathowie is describing) is for the Airport Express to function as a bridge.
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