Comfortable leather shoes
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I am looking for a new pair of men's leather shoes that have some heel (an inch or more) and are super comfortable.

Daily wearability on jeans and slacks, and decent style are some other search parameters.

I hate buying shoes online, so if I can find something in a store in downtown Chicago (visiting next week), that would be awesome!
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I own a pair of Clarks that I am pretty happy with. They have a good look and are comfortable to boot.
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I recently picked up a pair of Dario Dodoni shoes that are extremely beautiful and surprisingly comfortable.
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Dansko clogs are the choice of health care professionals everywhere. I (not a HCP) wore a black pair to the office every day for years.
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The heel might be a bit less than an inch, but I've been extremely happy with my Sandro Moscoloni shoes for comfort, looks, and price. I haven't had them long enough to know how well they hold up, but the material quality seems high.
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Allen Edmonds in Chicago.
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I have a pair of Hush Puppies - not sure what make/model it is, but the inside is built like a running shoe (but looks like a dress shoe) and the outside is a plain black leather dress shoe. The shoe heel is a under an inch, though the ground-to-my-heel is about an inch.

I call them my "cop shoes.*" Hmm, maybe see if you can "real" "cop shoes." The sole and heel are soft (a little too soft) synthetics so they have excellent traction and makes very little noise even on linoleum/slate/tile/concrete. They've lasted pretty well (although I don't wear them frequently).

There's a shoe store in my neighbourhood that sells Reitmans (?) and stuff for women - emphasizing comfortable shoes - but also have a small selection of mens. A similar store like that in your area might carry "dress shoes built for comfort."

*I can sprint full speed in them and stop on an edge of a dime, no problems. I can wear them all day (at a wet lab; lots of standing) and all night (going out) and it's no worse than if I was wearing my Merrells.
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High Tops
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Seconding the Clarks desert boots
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I also recently bought a pair of Clarks. (Two weeks ago, at Sports Basement in San Francisco.) They are extraordinarily squishy at the heel, like there's a section of a work mat in them. They were great for seven hours of shopping yesterday- I stood around holding shopping bags while my lovely lady tried on eleventeen thousand pairs of shoes and seventy dozen dresses.
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