San Francisco bar for a medium-sized party
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I need a great San Francisco bar for a party with 30-50 friends on a Friday night, but I don't want to pay to rent one out. This means either a bar that doesn't get insanely crowded on Fridays, or a bar that'll reserve a back room for free. Dive bars are fine, close to Bart is vital (e.g. Mission, Soma, Financial District). Prefer a good beer selection. Does such a beast exist?
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Blooms is a new favorite of mine. It's one of the only places I've found where a large group can sit comfortably on a weekend night. Maybe not 30-50 large, though.

Those negative reviews on Yelp make me thirsty.
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I have been to a bunch of events at 111 Mina, so you might want to check them out.
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Best answer: The Latin American might work with 30, but probably won't with 50. Still, a fun BARTable starting point with lots of nearby options (Makeout Room, Liberties, etc) if you need to migrate. You might be able to reserve the back room at Liberties with a guaranteed minimum rather than a fee.
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Make Out Room
12 Galaxies upstairs
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Check out The Homestead, 19th & Folsom. Laid back, great jukebox and friendly staff / regulars.
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Check out El Rio one block south of Mission and Cesar Chavez, a short walk from 24th St. BART. They have an overflow room, an outdoor patio, and free oysters on Fridays (last time I checked). And many beers on tap.
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Dalva on 16th also has a back room you can reserve - I don't think it costs. I don't know if it would fit 50 though.
Upstairs at the House of Shields might work, too.
50 people in a place without a reservation on a Friday night is a pretty tall order. Even if you don't want to rent a place - it would probably be a good idea to call wherever you choose to go and give them a heads up.
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Best answer: I was at a party at the Latin American for about 30 a couple months back. It worked because we got there early and took over the back table area, but by 11 it was so crowded we could hardly move.
I 2nd upstairs at the House of Shields as a good option, if there's not already a show going on.
The Lone Palm is big and usually kind of empty whenever I'm there...
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Response by poster: Latin American it is. Thanks, folks!
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