one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over boston
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I've been messin' where I shouldn't have been messin'. Where can I get (rain) boots made for walkin'?

I'm tired of dragging my jeans in the mud. Where can I order rain boots online? Besides ebay, what online retailers sell good, durable, comfortable rain boots/wellies for women? Under $100, preferably with no cutesy patterns - solids are good. Greens, blacks, greys, or deep blood red would be awesome. Are there any brands you recommend that last and last after a good deal of mileage? Thank you!
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I'm pretty confident that is regarded as the best place on the internet to buy shoes, boots, and anything else you might put on your feet.

Stories about their exemplary customer service, etc, are often featured on the and other consumer advocate sites.
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Thanks for the Nancy Sinatra ear worm!

I had the LL Bean wellies for at least 15 years. They finally wore through on one of the soles. I used them for rainy weather, sloshy weather, and gardening. Highly recommended...they're great.
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Seconding the LL Bean Wellies, my wife loves hers. I can confirm that these boots are indeed made for walking. That's just what they'll do.
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Locally you can try Vintage, Etc. or The Tannery. In general I recommend the following brands for durability: Tretorn, Hunter, and Sporto. I've had no problems ordering from
posted by cocoagirl at 12:41 PM on November 9, 2007 has both fantastic and subdued Rainboots for $20. I'm a pink skulls girl myself, but they've got black or yellow for solids. Pants legs fit nicely down them, and they're sturdy in slippery mud.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions! A question about sizing with these kinds of boots - should I order a size down or up. My feet are normally a size 7.5 (but wear a half size up or down depending). thanks much.
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Crocs makes rainboots now, and I bet they're comfy for walking, but they're not so good-looking.
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I'm a 7.5 too, and wore an 8 in the LL Beans.
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I usually order two pairs of each style I'm interested in from zappos and return the styles and pairs that don't fit. Free shipping in both directions. For my recent rainboots, I got a size up since for winter rain I want to wear thicker socks for warmth, and for spring/summer, I can add an insert if needed.
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I have a pair of bright red Crocs rainboots that I love. Soo comfy.
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