Yo ho ho and a bottle of Rum...?
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'Thanks for inviting me to a days sailing' gift?

Sailing Gifts- My partner is headed to a casual one-day sailing session this weekend with a senior member of a commitee she sits on and we were wondering what an appropriate 'thanks for the invite' gift might be for the sailing fraternity? She's travelling 150 mi to get there, weather at the minute is cold and wet and the 2 guys she's sailing with are probably in their 50's if that's any use! Thanks MeFi!
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Alcohol seems to be the most common suggestion for a thank you gift around these parts.
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Alcohol is a pretty good host gift, as long as you know your hosts drink (or at least don't know that they don't).

In offering it up while sailing, I'd probably take particular care to ensure it was somehow cased/boxed/whatever to make it clear you're not suggesting that they all drink some now. Some people wouldn't care, and some would drink some during the cruise, but others would probably be angry by the insinuation that they'd drink while sailing (assuming this is a small, you-do-the-work boat, and not a yacht with a captain and crew and a bar).
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Nthing Alcohol. If she happens to know that they absolutely do not drink, then bring homemade brownies or cookies. (Anything chocolate will be met with cheers.)
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I think Rum is a kind of standard sailing drink.
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2nd-ing rum
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As a sailor and captain, if your SO is trying to make a good impression and the weather is going to be wet and cold then bring something tasty and warm to add to everyones lunch. A thermos of hot, GOOD soup is worth it's weight in gold on a cold and wet day.
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rum or whiskey. A mickey is a reasonable amount.
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A big ziploc bag of homemade cookies is always well appreciated on day sails. In my experience, drinking while under sail is not that common. Afterwards may be another story.
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