EPIRB versus Satellite Phone
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When driving a 4WD Camper from Uluru to Perth via The Great Central Road, would it be preferable to have EPIRB or Satellite Phone, or would it be best to have both? Also, do the really remote fuelling centres in The Outback accept Credit Cards or is cash a must?
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I thought EPIRB was only for ocean-going disasters/rescues.

A satellite phone would give you more bandwidth for communication besides "HELP NOW PLEASE".

I have no information about how well either works in the middle of Australia.
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Cash is always a must for traveling to remote locations.
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An EPIRB is for life threatening maritime situations. Not, I ran out of gas. Take a satphone, a GPS and know how use both. If your worried about being injured and need to let rescuers know you need help, take a PLB.

You can rent both.
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If you have time, you might strongly consider getting a AUS ham licence and radio rig installed in the truck. I'm sure that's the way most folks out there still communicate over long distances, and there are doubtless very well developed radio networks and emergency protocals.

Track down the phone numbers of a few police stations along your route and see what they say. They're gonna be the ones who would have to rescue you if it comes to that and they can probably give you the best advice.
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