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Is there a website that lists all the movies playing in the Bay Area? Not just first and second run movies, but art houses (e.g. Pacific Film Archives)?
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Google movie times search? If you keep expanding the radius, it should give you what you're looking for I'd think.
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SFGate shows a lot of those films under Short Run Films.
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Best answer: SFBG. It's broken into two sections, Film List (for new releases) and rep clock (for the older stuff).
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movies.yahoo.com includes the PFA and every other art house I know.
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I usually use Bigscreen and it lists info on the art house theaters and even University theater but for SF they do not have smaller theater info. Blame it on the theaters.
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Fandango does a good job.
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May be, but their commercials are so offensive I won't go near 'em. I try this but it's annoying since it includes films not yet showing. Thanks for the link, eschatfische, but if you're into older stuff it's deficient since it doesn't include the vital Stanford.
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