how can I convert monolithic flac or ape disc images into tracks?
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I'm fed up with monolithic flac and ape files with cue sheets that winamp can't use. I like 1 track to 1 file. Is there no relatively automatic way to split these files into individual, per track, files? It goes without saying, I hope, that the individual lossless files produced would be conveniently labeled (e.g. composer-work-movement) and properly tagged. Thanks.
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DBPoweramp + Flac plugin?
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Response by poster: sharkfu. Interesting. I've downloaded and installed. The program has no way of scanning an audio stream for pauses and it doesn't notice cue files (I saw one application/extension called queMaster but it crashes on launch). I have cue sheets, Daemon virtual drive doesn't like them, winamp doesn't like them. I don't know that they're actually faulty since I didn't make them. I hope they're accurate since I'd like to break the file they cue into individual files. Any other suggestions?
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Best answer: I've used Medieval CUE splitter with good success.
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Best answer: CUE Tools was pretty much designed for this.
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Response by poster: Both work well, thanks!
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