Where can this user find a Tron game?
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Does anyone know where I can find a Tron arcade game to play in the Chicago area? I know about MAME, but it's not the same without the stick, dial, etc. I watched the movie the other night and I must play the game.
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did you call gameworks? The one here in Seattle has a Tron machine in their classics zone. Or at least they did last time I went by, it's worth asking.
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I'm most definitely not certain, but you might want to call Dave & Buster's at (312) 943-5151 — it's got a lot of games.
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Arcadelocations.com doesn't list anything in Illinois. How about a trip to Lake Geneva?
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Dennis Place for Games may have it, it is right next to the Belmont stop. Or at least, someone there may have an idea.
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My girlfriend would like to go to Lake Geneva. Thanks
I have been to Dave and Busters and I don't remember them having it, I'll call. I am sure it will be an interesting phone call. Tron, HUH, TRon, HUH
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Dennis' doesn't have it, they do have an awesome Frankenstein pinball machine though.
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(Tangential, sorry, but if you have a PC and haven't played the sadly-overlooked Tron2.0 FPS, you should. It's really good, and great-looking considering it's age.)
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Seconding STWC's recommendation.

Tron 2.0 was excellent, and the treatment of the light cycles was very well done as well.
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Armagetron might be a good fix until you find the original.
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Cool Thanks
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Thirding Tron 2.0. What a great game.

I'm pretty sure the dave and buster's downtown doesnt have it. I wouldnt be surprised if it only exists in some old Chucky Cheese or in someone's basement. There's a company called Western Automatic Music on the north side that may rent it or know who has it.
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Western Automatic Music is dead, I live right near there.
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