How does Government exclude Resident Aliens when it's illegal for anyone else to do it?
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My friend works as a federal contractor, and he is a permanent resident / legal alien / green card holder. The thing is, it seems more and more federal contracts are requiring US Citizenship, which I can understand for the FBI and NSA and stuff... How does the government decide that US Citizenship is required for a contract. Is there a book of regulations they follow that I can see?

See the thing is, Executive Order 11246 specifically prevents government contractors from discriminating against resident aliens, but that doesn't stop the government from excluding them discriminating right in the contract language. I suspect it may have something to do with positions that are "sensitive" to some extent... I do work with IT, so maybe that's it... I have found some resources in my search:

Memorandum from DoJ, EEOC, etc


and EEOC.
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