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Can I bring a keg to Iowa for a tailgate party?

So I along with many of my friends are going to Iowa for the Iowa-Minnesota football game. We are looking to get a keg in Minnesota and bring it down to Iowa City for the game. Is there any state laws preventing this? Are we better just buying a bunch of cases or try and buy a keg down in Iowa City? Any information / advice would be helpful.
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Response by poster: Clarification - Our options are:
1. Buy a keg in MN and bring it to the tailgate lot in Iowa City.
2. Buy a keg in Iowa
3. Buy a lot of cased beer in MN and bring it to the tailgate.

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I'm not sure about state law issues, but I'd hate to think how long it would take a keg to settle after you've driven it down from the Little Apple. I know I wouldn't enjoy a cup of foam at a tailgate.

Why not just buy a keg from the legendary John's Grocery? They have great beer, they're easy to get to, and it's priced reasonably.

Oh, and by the way? GO HAWKEYES!!! WOOT!!!
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I drank quite a bit of keg beer tailgating at Iowa State when I was a student there about 10 years ago, there was no problem with it then, at least state law wise.

You'd probably have to check with the stadium rules. One of the Kinnick Stadium pages makes a specific point to note that kegs can not be brought inside the stadium, which leads me to believe they're OK out of the stadium.

All that being said, just buy a bunch of cases. Can's are much more portable and will let you go out and walk around for awhile.
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I'd worry less about transporting the keg than where you plan on drinking it. I usually tailgate in Iowa City once a year (specifically, Olive Ct near Kinnick), and don't recall ever seeing kegs.

I think it would be just as easy to buy cans in Iowa City. The Hy-Vee in Coralville has a huge walk-in cooler, so your beer is already cold, and it's easier than dealing with a draft system, etc.

Obligatory GO HAWKS!
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