Good weightlifting coach in Chicago?
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Please recommend a good Weightlifting (olympic style) coach in Chicago.

I want to add cleans, jerks, snatches, etc. to my workout routines, but those require coaching to get the form right. Where can I find a good weightlifting coach in Chicago? What about facilities or organizations? Any personal recommendations would be great.
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These may not be competitive olympic weightlifting coaches, but if you go to Crossfit Chicago the trainers there will be certified in training olympic lifts.
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I work out at Quad's Gym on Broadway. Lots of pretty serious weightlifters, including guys who actually compete, train there. Maybe give them a call - talk to Dave, the owner, he may be able to recommend someone specific to coach you. (Quad's doesn't employ trainers, but many freelance trainers work out of there.) The gym definitely has the facilities for it.
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