Electronic voting systems for membership organizations.
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I'm looking for suggestions for electronic voting/polling systems. It would be used to conduct officer elections for a large membership organization.

It can be for rent or purchase and needs to be able to be set up in a conference area with one voting unit per voter. Ideally it would connect to a display so that results are revealed 'real time'. Something similar to U.S. Congress voting or U.N. voting.

I have found this, which seems pretty good, but I'm wondering if there are other alternatives.

The system would only be in use every two years, so renting is probably a better option. Would rather not have a 'reader' system where a ballot is marked and then read.

Any other suggestions/recommendations are appreciated. Thanks.
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Considered setting up a dozen or so laptops at a table, running software or linked to a website using software like this?

That software allows for instant run-off voting.
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