Who were those fish puppets?
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Kids' Puppet Show Filter: Help me find the name of a show with lots of fish and a friendly shark.

The year: 1990

The details: One shark and a bunch of fish, all are carved foam hand puppets. They spend time under water and in front a blue screen... there may have been a clam.

It looked to be a medium to low budget affair, possibly Canadian.

Your help, in allowing me to help my girlfriend find her childhood 'favorite show', is very much appreciated :)
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Best answer: This thread names a show called "The Waterville Gang" but says that was from the 1970s.



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Best answer: Yeah, I'm thinking its the Waterville gang for sure, it was a CFTO show. There was a shark named Sharky Shark, and an oyster...I can see some google results about it but my internets are being wonky right now. It was one of those seemingly endless series that came out of small tv stations in Canada and then ended up getting rebroadcast (probably on TVO). It was made earlier but a lot of these shows were recycled endlessly. Here are the non-fish characters, everything else is looking sparse. But the good news is that there are some diehard fans of 70s/80s Canadian public television (seriously, one guy has put up every episode of Read All About It, something that still rocks my socks!).
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The only other underwater puppet show I can remember is Snelgrove Snail (small picture here), but Waterville Gang is probably it. I'm pretty sure YTV played both shows in the early 90's.
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I'm thinking Waterville Gang, too. I did some audio post work on it 2 years ago, somebody dug it out to fill up some time on TVO. It was not too shabby.
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Response by poster: Awesome, thats it! Thank you for the great help :)
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