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I got a little residue UNDER the mousepad button of my black MacBook! Now there is an annoying resistance and slight scraping sound whenever I click on anything. Is there a way to clean under the button? Maybe a way to remove it, then replace it?

Believe it or not, I actually threw up right next to my MacBook yesterday - and a little got on the mousepad and button. I've found all kinds of articles about cleaning the mousepad externally, but I need to get under the button. This click sound and extra resistance is driving me nuts. Thanks for your suggestions.
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Mine did this a few weeks ago.

In a surprising twist on the usual way these sort of things go, losing my temper and clicking the crap out of it repeatedly every now and then has cured it.

Life can be strange, I hear...
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I have also had success with getting really irritated and clicking the crap out of it repeatedly.

If you live near an Apple store and have AppleCare, you could also take it there and see if you could get a sympathetic Genius to fix it. Worth a try, anyway.
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This happened to my macbook after 7-8 months of heavy use. Keep clicking through it and it'll go away.
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