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How can I stay up to date on the art/cultural scene in downtown Los Angeles?

I'll be damned - the past couple of weekends, I've gone to hang out in downtown Los Angeles on a whim, and I end up having a great time. I was wondering if there were any online resources - beyond LAWeekly, perhaps? - that have information and suggestions on gallery openings, museum fare, outdoor festivals, art shows, car shows, etc. I'm in the position where I don't live downtown, but would love to plan out a day, or night, with things to go and do.
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Best answer: blogdowntown is a hub of the downtown blogging community.
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Best answer: ArtScene - "The Guide to Art Galleries and Museums in Southern California"

Downtown LA Art Walk - second Thursday of each month.

There's one more that I want to link but can't find. Ah, art.blogging.la
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That last link in PY's post should be aBla (full disclosure: I write for one of their sister sites). Also check out Coagula, published by my grumpy neighbor, a longtime L.A. art scene dude. It's a little... blunt sometimes, but has good coverage of the L.A. art scene.
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Best answer: Try Flavorpill.
It's full of stuff that's not just for downtown (although it covers that, too).

Outside.in compiles a lot of blogs from various neighborhoods. You can view all of LA here, and use the "Neighborhoods" function to limit it to specific neighborhoods.

LAist has some info, but it can be a bit too hipper-than-thou. Gridskipper, surprisingly, does a way better job.
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Best answer: Sour Harvest: "Your one-stop reference source for all the latest happenings in the emerging LA art scene."
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Best answer: I like Losanjealous for concert info, and Metroblogging LA for general LA hijinks.
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