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I want to save flash movies I find on the internet and collect them onto a DVD to watch on a DVD player.

I'm helping a friend with a 3 to 4 yr old Dell running XP Home. He just bought an external DVD burner which I helped set up. He has hundreds of videos bookmarked (mostly on youtube) which he'd like to save and record onto a DVD. I installed Firefox and started looking for extensions that might do this easily, but haven't found anything great.

If it can't work as a self playing DVD, I will settle for a data DVD or CD playable on a DVD player or computer.

He is not willing to upgrade to Vista. He is low-tech and doesnt want to relearn anything.
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KeepVid is an extremely useful site for downloading videos from a number of sites. They also have a little thingy you can add onto your bookmarks toolbar in Firefox which makes downloading the files just a click away.

As for getting it the files onto a playable DVD, that's a bit trickier and more time-consuming. There are a number of AskMes about similar endeavors and you could probably find some info by doing some tag-hunting. But just copying the files themselves onto a data DVD will definitely work, of course.

Also, once you have the FLV files, it's rather easy to convert them to different formats. I use CinemaForge for this and it almost always works like a charm. I think there's a version you can pay for but the free download works just fine.
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There's also a firefox extension that can download videos. I have seen it posted a few places, but haven't personally used it: video downloader. Then you can use a player that can play flash video. You can also change it to .wmv format using online converter tools or offline ones like KeepVid, but conversion can take some time.
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FWIW, I've found that Video Downloader has not been working too well of late, so I've given up on it.
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Don't convert the FLVs! Last time I checked, DVD Flick natively (well, natively through a bunch of smaller pieces of software that it controls) supports burning a set of flv files to a standard video DVD. I've made a few DVDs from flvs, it's a handy program.
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you can also try this one

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